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Design & Planning
Design Inspiration: Industrial Chic
Design & Planning Decking Lighting

Taking a cue from old factories, the industrial chic trend is defined by streamlined design, rich material mixing, and repurposed statement pieces. Exposed-bulb lighting and charming concrete accents add touches of luxury throughout your outdoor living space.

1. Light the Night

Ditch the Edison bulbs. Embed riser lighting in Architectural Bronze throughout your outdoor oasis and deck's perimeter.



2. Deck It Out

Go for a Weathered Teak or darker wood color to highlight the lived-in look without sacrificing deck quality. Consider mixing board widths to add to the repurposed vibe.



3. Play Up Patterns

Sleek, practical, and purposeful, the Framed Diagonal inlay pattern checks all the industrial chic design boxes.



4. Lay Out Landscaping

Privacy plants, like Arborvitae trees, offer a sleek alternative to fencing that adds a touch of green to the space.



5. Just Right Rail

Add a bold, black utilitarian railing, like our Contemporary Rail, for a crisp look that refuses to fade into the background.



6. Tap Into Textiles

Consider adding neutral tones with clean lines that mimic the railing to subtly help tie each element together.