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Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers about products, warranty, rewards program, and more.

I want to see a TimberTech Deck in person. Where can I find your products?

There are two ways to see TimberTech products in person. 1) Visit a dealer in your area or 2) order free samples online.

Are TimberTech products environmentally friendly?

Yes. TimberTech decking is made from up to 80% recycled materials. It won’t splinter or warp the way wood does, so it dramatically reduces the wasteful cycle of repair and replacements. It also eliminates the frequent application of environmentally harmful paint, sealers, and stains.

  • TimberTech deck boards are manufactured with recycled wood materials that would otherwise go into landfills. In addition, TimberTech is able to regrind scrap product back into the manufacturing process.
  • TimberTech recycles water during the manufacturing process.
  • TimberTech does not require painting, staining, or sealing.
How does saltwater affect TimberTech products?

Saltwater climates are an ideal application for TimberTech products because saltwater will have no ill effects on TimberTech. However, we do not recommend submerging TimberTech boards into saltwater. Please verify that all decking fasteners to be used are applicable to a saltwater environment.

What colors of decking and railing does TimberTech offer?

We understand how important color choice is to a homeowner. That’s why we created a simple way of searching TimberTech decking and railing by color.

Browse our colors.

Where are TimberTech products manufactured?

TimberTech decking is manufactured in Wilmington, OH. 


Find out more about us.

Where can I obtain Code Compliance and Safety Data Sheets for TimberTech products?

At TimberTech, we make it easy to get all of the compliance and safety data you need by keeping this information accessible online. Our product code compliance reports (CCRR) and materials safety data sheets can be found in our technical resources category.

Can I install TimberTech products myself or do I need to hire a contractor?

While you can install TimberTech products yourself, we highly recommend hiring a TimberTech Pro contractor. They’re trained to install our products, so they’ll ensure that everything is installed properly and abides by the manufacturer’s guidelines. From quick replacements to brand new custom decks, our Pros are ready and able to tackle your next project.

Does TimberTech have a catalog?

Yes, we do have a catalog. You can either view TimberTech’s online digital catalog or have a catalog mailed to you.

Is TimberTech available internationally?

Yes. Over the years, TimberTech has gained international recognition as a leading manufacturer of high-quality, durable, and innovative low-maintenance decking and railing products and has established a strong presence in many markets around the world. 

Can TimberTech AZEK Decking be used near water?

Yes. TimberTech AZEK Decking is the ideal material to use around water because it’s capped polymer decking, making it resistant to rot and decay caused by moisture. It’s comprised of 100% synthetic materials, so it’s not susceptible to moisture related deterioration commonly seen with wood. Its  composition protects it against rotting, warping, and cupping—all water-related issues.

If you want to include a water feature in your deck plan, TimberTech AZEK capped polymer decking is the perfect material to choose.

Is TimberTech Decking ICC code compliant?

Yes, TimberTech Decking has obtained two code research reports ESR-1667 (ICC) and also CCRR-0101. The details of both reports can be reviewed on our Technical Resources Page.

What colors are available for TimberTech Deck?

We offer a whole range of colors and styles, from sleek and modern, to traditional, to rustic. You can even bring indoor flooring looks to the outdoor deck. TimberTech Deck has one of the widest selections of styles and colors to choose from, ranging from light natural shades, to neutrals, to deep rich colors of the tropics. There’s sure to be a look that complements your home’s exterior. Review our decking collection to see all available colors, swatches, and inspiration.

What is TimberTech Deck made of?

TimberTech offers a range of decking material options including high-quality composite decking made of a combination of plastic and wood fibers, and a premium decking made of 100% PVC material. For more information about our decking products, see our TimberTech AZEK, TimberTech PRO, and TimberTech EDGE overview pages. 

Will TimberTech Decking get mold on it?

Yes, TimberTech Decking can get mold on it. Depending on environmental conditions of moisture and temperature, mold and mildew can appear on any outdoor surface. However, mold and mildew on TimberTech decking only occurs on the surface of the boards and does not penetrate through the deck board. Surface mold and mildew on TimberTech Deck can be removed using a cleaner such as Chomp®, Zep 505®, Simple Green®, Krud Kutter®, or a 1-to-4 mixture of bleach and water. Apply cleaner or mixture directly to affected area, use a stiff nylon bristle scrub brush, and scrub the area until the mold or mildew is removed. Rinse the area thoroughly and towel dry. Repeat if needed.

Can I cantilever TimberTech boards on my deck?

Terrain, Tropical, Legacy, TwinFinish, ReliaBoard, and DockSider can be cantilevered a maximum of 1”. ReliaBoard and Terrain can only be cantilevered on the ends.

Can I use a router on TimberTech products?

Routing should only be performed to create a 2” groove above each joist when transitioning from solid boards to grooved on a hidden fastener installation. Full details are available in the Installation and Maintenance Guide.

Can I use glue or caulk with TimberTech?

Do not use caulk to fasten TimberTech boards or to seal between any of our boards. This will impede the drainage of the board and inhibit the natural expansion and contraction of the boards.

Can TimberTech be painted or stained?

We do not recommend painting or staining TimberTech decking. While it is possible to paint our uncapped composite boards, TimberTech cannot guarantee the performance of paint, stain, or other materials, applied to the product. For further information on painting or staining your TimberTech decking, refer to our Care and Cleaning Recommendations.

Does TimberTech decking come in a redwood color?

Yes. You can view all TimberTech color inspirations on the Find Your Color page.

I have a wood deck and want to do some replanking. Can I replace them with TimberTech boards?

Yes, you can replace wood boards with composite, though there are a few factors to take into consideration. First, you will want to make sure your substructure is code-compliant and can hold the extra weight of a TimberTech composite board. Confirm that the thickness of the new TimberTech board is the same as the wooden board it replaces to ensure your deck remains smooth and flat. You can find the thickness of our products on their individual product pages. So, although replacing old wood deck boards with composite can be done, it will likely result in an undesirable patchwork appearance. A better option, if your substructure is code-compliant, would be to re-plank your entire deck with all composite material.

Is TimberTech fire resistant?

Fire regulations and codes continue to evolve in the building industry. TimberTech is committed to manufacturing products that are fully compliant with these requirements, and safe for our customers. All of our TimberTech products are tested to exceed Flame Spread Index requirements.


What kind of fastener should I use with TimberTech?

CONCEALoc is our most popular fastener for use with our grooved boards for a fastener-free finish. Cortex or TOPLoc are two other fastener options that can be used for just stairs and perimeters, or the entire deck. Cortex provides a discrete hidden-fastening solution, while TOPLoc provides an engineered, color-matched option. 

Please note that not all fasteners are compatible with all TimberTech decking boards, and using the incorrect fastening system will void your warranty. For example, CONCEALoc Hidden Fasteners or L-Brackets should not be used for stair installation. Always use the fasteners that are specifically recommended to work with your chosen TimberTech product. Refer to our Installation Guides for details.

Does TimberTech decking really resist fading?

Yes, our capped polymer decking and capped composite decking comes with industry-leading fade and stain warranties. And while any exterior product will fade over time to some degree, all of our lines of decking are technologically engineered to be fade and stain resistant. TimberTech EDGE decking products are backed by our 25-Year Fade & Stain Warranty, TimberTech PRO decking products are backed by our 30-Year Fade & Stain Warranty, and, for the ultimate in steadfast color, TimberTech AZEK decking and porch products are backed by our 50-Year Fade & Stain Warranty. However, our uncapped wood composite boards will gradually weather over time, without compromising the structural integrity, as nature takes its course.

Can I power-wash TimberTech Deck?

Yes, when the pressure is set to 1300 psi or lower, and when using a fan tip nozzle. Always keep the nozzle at a reasonable distance from the surface to prevent damage. To be safe, first try the power washer on a scrap piece or inconspicuous area of TimberTech Deck to be sure that you will not damage the surface. In some situations, power washing alone may not provide optimal results. Refer to the TimberTech Installation & Maintenance Guides.

Can I use adhesive or caulk with TimberTech decking?

No, adhesive and caulks are not recommended for use with TimberTech decking. Do not get any PVC glue or similar substance on the surface of a TimberTech deck, as it may discolor and permanently damage the TimberTech deck surface. Additionally, do not use caulk to fasten TimberTech boards or to seal between any of our boards. This will impede the drainage of the board and inhibit the natural expansion and contraction of the boards.


Can I use TimberTech AZEK Decking on a rooftop application?

When a TimberTech AZEK deck board is properly and securely attached to framing or sub-structure which is rigid and soundly fastened to building or structure, TimberTech AZEK deck boards can be used in a rooftop application. However, in areas with unobstructed airflow, like roofs and on grade applications, a minimum of 1 1⁄2” sleeper system is required. The deck boards must be attached to a properly secured understructure and leave a minimum of a 1/8” gap between deck boards. DO NOT ATTACH DECK BOARDS TO A FLOATING SUB-STRUCTURE. Consult the TimberTech AZEK Deck Installation Guidelines for recommended fastening. As always, be sure to consult your local building code official(s) for railing requirements on any deck application. To get deck and railing ideas, be sure to check out our Deck Designer.

What is the best way to clean TimberTech Deck?

The preferred way to keep your TimberTech deck clean is to use TimberTech DeckCleaner™ - a formulated, field-tested, and approved product for cleaning TimberTech AZEK® Deck or Porch, TimberTech PRO Deck, TimberTech EDGE Deck, and TimberTech Composite Rail. You can also use soap and water or an all-purpose cleaner such as Chomp® gutter cleaner, Zep 505®, Simple Green®, or Krud Kutter®. For TimberTech AZEK decking, use a stiff, natural fiber brush to clean the boards; for TimberTech Pro and Edge decking, use a medium-to-stiff nylon brush.

It’s best to clean small, manageable areas to prevent the cleaner from drying on the deck or porch surface. All cleaning products should be rinsed off thoroughly. Always read the cleaning product manufacturer's specific information before using any product on your TimberTech deck and follow their instructions. It’s also a good idea to test the cleaner on a scrap piece or inconspicuous area of the deck to make sure it doesn’t harm the surface.

Check out our Care & Cleaning Guide for more instructions on how to clean TimberTech decks.

What is the minimum height from the ground that TimberTech Decking must be installed?

When TimberTech Decking is properly fastened to structurally sound and secure framing, there is no minimum height or ground clearance requirement. Be sure to follow all recommended guidelines for installing TimberTech Decking.

Will a TimberTech deck weather?

Any exterior product will fade over time to some degree – that’s the nature of nature. For the ultimate in steadfast color, our TimberTech AZEK boards are technologically engineered to show minimal fading, backed by a 50-year Fade & Stain Warranty. However, our uncapped wood composite boards will gradually weather, like wood, over time.

Can I build my TimberTech deck directly over an existing surface?

While TimberTech products are great for deck replanking (removing old deck surface boards and installing TimberTech on code-compliant substructure), TimberTech boards CANNOT be installed on top of existing deck boards.

Please see our Installation Help section for proper ventilation requirements.

In areas with obstructed airflow such as roofs and on-grade applications, a minimum of 1-1/2” sleeper system supported by and connected to the substructure over which the deck is built is required.

Can I install my porch pillars or hot tub on top of my TimberTech deck?

Yes. Please remember the underlying joist system, not the TimberTech boards, should be the primary structural supporting mechanism. TimberTech is not to be used as a primary structural load-bearing member.

Can TimberTech decking material be used for a wheelchair/walker ramp?

Yes, TimberTech decking and railing can be utilized to surface a ramp. We recommend consulting with a local contractor and check local building codes for requirements and best practices. It’s also good to use a decking material that is slip-resistant. We also recommend looking into our ADA Handrail that meets the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements.

Is there a problem with heat build-up on composite?

Composite decking products, as with most outdoor building products, can retain heat especially after a long day in direct sunlight. At TimberTech, we have engineered certain formulations of our composite decking products to minimize heat build-up, so they’re cooler underfoot. If you're building a deck that will be in direct sunlight, we suggest that you consider decking options that are lighter in color, as they reflect more light, and therefore retain less heat than darker colors.


My TimberTech deck was constructed with DrySpace and pitches away from the house. Can I install the Combo Bracket tight to the bottom of the joist?

No. The Combo Bracket is a channel which collects water. When the Combo Bracket or Joist Cover is installed tight to the bottom of the joist, water cannot freely flow away from the Combo Bracket or Joist Covers and may have adverse results in the performance of the structural lumber. For full details regarding proper pitch and installation, please refer to the DrySpace Installation Help guide.

Do I need to place something under grills, chairs, and pots to protect my TimberTech decking?

We recommend using protective plastic, rubber, or felt leg pads on furniture and other items to help protect the surface of your deck. Our products have a high scratch-resistance rating, but these easy extra steps can provide additional protection. For grill mats, a natural fiber mat that does not hold moisture will provide the best protection.

What preservatives are in TimberTech decks' composite core to avoid rotting?

TimberTech composite decking is comprised mainly of high-density polyethylene and wood particles, but we also add proprietary ingredients to our formulation that offer increased protection from rot.


Which product is better for a heavily wooded lot?

Any TimberTech product can handle a heavily wooded lot.

Can TimberTech AZEK Porch be used near water?

Yes. Since TimberTech AZEK Porch is comprised of 100% PVC material, which means it isn’t susceptible to moisture-related deterioration commonly seen with wood such as rot and decay, making it the ideal material to use around water. Its synthetic makeup protects it against rotting, warping, and cupping—all water-related issues. If you want to include a water feature in your porch plan, TimberTech AZEK Porch is the perfect material to choose.

What colors of TimberTech AZEK Porch are available?

TimberTech AZEK Porch is currently available in Brownstone, Slate Gray, Morado, Silver Oak, Coastline, Weathered Teak, Mahogany, Dark Hickory, and Oyster. This traditional-looking tongue-and-groove product can boost curb appeal with beauty that is similar to indoor flooring. TimberTech AZEK Porch has a sleek, high-end look in colors designed to complement any architectural style.

What is the difference between TimberTech AZEK Deck and TimberTech AZEK Porch boards?

TimberTech AZEK Deck and TimberTech AZEK Porch are made of the same high-performance material, but the difference comes in their application and installation. Installing a porch versus a deck is also different with the porch installation requiring the joists to pitch away from the house at 1/4" per foot. TimberTech AZEK Porch boards are narrower (1" x 3 1/8" wide) than deck boards and are secured by a tongue and groove. They are available in 10', 12' and 16' lengths. TimberTech AZEK Deck boards, available with square edges or grooved edges, are 1" x 5 1/2" wide and are available in 12’, 16’, or 20’lengths.

See all our TimberTech Decking and Porch products.

Can I use an aluminum baluster with TimberTech Rail?

Most of the TimberTech Rail profiles can be installed with TimberTech round or square aluminum balusters using a Custom Rail Pack. The TimberTech Rail system has only been tested with our aluminum balusters; therefore, we do not warranty the use of other manufacturer’s components with TimberTech Rail. For more information about installation, please reference our Rail Installation Guides.

How do I clean TimberTech Rail?

TimberTech Rail can be cleaned using a soft white cloth with warm water and a mild soap, followed by a thorough rinse. Chomp Gutter cleaner also works great on TimberTech Rail. DO NOT USE Solvent based cleaners such as Goof Off, Graffiti Remover, Nail Polish Remover, or similar products on TimberTech Rail.

What size Secure Mount Posts do I need?

The Secure Mount Post is adjustable and accommodates 36’’ and 42’’ railings. We also offer a 6’’ Secure Mount Post Adaptor to make the Secure Mount Post compatible with our 6’’ Post Sleeve.

How close to the rails can you safely have a barbecue grill without damaging TimberTech Railing?

The distance from our railing can vary depending on the type of grill and size. Most grill manufacturers will have recommendations for placement in proximity to vinyl siding, and you can follow those same recommendations for TimberTech Railing. To protect your deck, a grill mat can be placed under the grill to avoid grease spills. You will want to make sure that the grill mat is safe for your composite decking.

What glass railing options are available with the TimberTech decking?

We do offer a Glass Channel kit that allows for the installation of glass infill with TimberTech railings, including Premier Rail, Trademark Rail, RadianceRail, Contemporary Rail, and Builder Rail. The Glass Channel kits are offered in White and Black and in 6' lengths, and the glass is sold separately. Always check your local building codes before starting any project.

What is the benefit of using the rail bracket?

The benefit of using our color-matched, powder-coated rail bracket is simply ease of installation. Using the bracket provides an alternative to toe-screwing the rail between the posts, eliminating the need to pre-drill. Rail brackets also give increased structural stability.

How do you install TimberTech railings on concrete?

TimberTech Secure Mount Post is a great option for the installation of TimberTech railing on a concrete surface and is adjustable to accommodate both 36” and 42” high rail installations. The Secure Mount Post can be installed directly on composite decks or concrete surfaces, and no treated 4x4 post is needed! Mounting hardware for deck installation is sold separately. Mounting hardware for concrete applications can be sourced locally.

Check out the Secure Mount Post Installation Guide and the Railing Installation Guides for instructions, and always consult local building codes prior to installation.

Can TimberTech railing and decking products be curved or bent?

TimberTech railing and decking products can be curved or bent using heat and force to create custom shapes. Because curving/bending is performed by customers on their own or by third-party fabricators, TimberTech cannot guarantee the integrity or performance of such applications, including the potential effect to the products’ structural rigidity, aesthetics or other product attributes. Any problems to the decking or railing products resulting from curving/bending are expressly excluded under TimberTech’s Limited Warranty. TimberTech recommends that all designs be reviewed by a licensed architect, engineer or local building official before installation

Can you paint TimberTech Rail?

We do not recommend painting TimberTech Rail. Since TimberTech Rail is a capped composite with PVC performance materials that will never rot, peel, or splinter, there is never a need to paint them. Fortunately, TimberTech Rail comes in a variety of colors and infills for a truly customizable rail system—eliminating the need for paint altogether.

What are the differences between TimberTech railing collections?

We offer two different railing collections: Classic and Contemporary.

Classic Profiles:

  • Premier Rail features a Victorian top rail profile, available in White, Black, Kona, Brownstone, and Slate Gray.
  • RadianceRail features a traditional look with smooth lines and invisible hardware. It is available in White, Black, Kona, Brownstone, and Slate Gray.
  • RadianceRail Express is our value-focused option and comes in White, Black and Kona.
  • Trademark Rail features a Colonial handrail profile, available in White.
  • Reserve Rail features a large, more generous profile for a grand, stately look, available in White.

Contemporary Profiles:

  • Contemporary Rail - A modern aesthetic features a continuous top rail and comes in Black or Traditional Walnut.
  • Builder Rail - Achieve the dramatic look of Contemporary Rail at a value-conscious price point. This line comes in Black, Brick, or Traditional Walnut.
  • Impression Rail - An aluminum system with streamlined features. It is available in Black and Bronze.
What comes in the TimberTech Baluster pack?

An TimberTech Baluster pack contains composite balusters in quantities of 18 and aluminum balusters in quantities of 20. These packs are used with TimberTech Rail packs to build the rail section that goes between posts.

What comes in the TimberTech Rail kit?

A TimberTech Rail kit contains the top rail, bottom rail, two support rails, balusters, and hardware to attach the railing section to the posts. Rail kits do not include posts, just the railing parts between the posts. TimberTech Rail kits are only available in white in Premier, RadianceRail and Trademark profiles and are available in 6’ and 8’ sections.

What comes in the TimberTech Rail Pack?

RadianceRail, RadianceRail Express, Premier, and Trademark Rail Pack contains the top rail, bottom rail, two support rails, and hardware to build a rail section. Reserve Rail and Contemporary Rail do not include top rail in a Rail Pack (sold separately). Infill options are sold separately to allow for more custom styling. 

Impression Rail is only sold in Rail Kits, which includes balusters.

What is included in a TimberTech Glass Channel kit?

The TimberTech Glass Channel kits include a top and bottom aluminum channel, rubber gaskets, and fasteners required to attach the channels to our composite railing. The TimberTech Glass Channel kits do not contain the glass panels.

What is the exact length of the TimberTech Rail kit?

6’ rails are 72” in length from the manufacturer, but both ends must be cut down a minimum of 1” to achieve proper baluster spacing between the last baluster and the post to comply with local code requirements. 8’ rails are 96” in length. 10’ rails are 120” in length. Please note, our code-compliance testing is conducted based on 6’, 8’ and 10’, on-center, installations.

We are installing RadianceRail Express on a curved deck. Will the brackets swivel like regular RadianceRail?

While RadianceRail Express Brackets are fixed and do not swivel, they do accommodate angles up to 45 degrees.

What kind of steel is in the rail?

The expanded steel in the rail is galvanized.

What sizes come in the RadianceRail Packs?

RadianceRail Packs are available in 6′, 8′ and 10′ sections, measured from center of post to center of post. The additional material is provided to allow for angles and end cuts/trimming. Trademark Rail and Premier Rail are available in 6′, 8′ and 10′ lengths (Premier 10′ lengths only available in White and Black).

Are TimberTech Pavers recommended for horse barns or other equestrian applications?

There have been several horse barn applications done with TimberTech Pavers. However, we have not done any specific testing for equestrian suitability, and cannot formally recommend it.

Are there any building code requirements for TimberTech Pavers?

TimberTech Pavers are subject to the same building codes as other pavers. These may include subbase grade, ratios between permeable and impermeable areas, easements, etc. When used to resurface decks, TimberTech has not been made aware of any code requirements or other required test reports (such as ICC-ES) as TimberTech Pavers are considered a “covering.” When used to resurface flat roofs, TimberTech Pavers have typically been considered “overburden” and not subject to specific fire or wind-uplift requirements. That said, TimberTech Pavers still maintains recommendations for installation in various wind-uplift situations like building height, parapet wall height, wind zone, etc. See our TimberTech Pavers Install Guide for more details.

Can TimberTech Pavers be used to resurface a concrete or asphalt driveway?

TimberTech Resurfacing Pavers should not be used for resurfacing a concrete or asphalt driveway, as they are not recommended for vehicular traffic.

Can I drive on TimberTech Pavers?

Yes, under certain conditions. Standard and Permeable Pavers can be used for low-volume, low-speed vehicular traffic such as driveways and parking lots. Resurfacing Pavers are not for any vehicular traffic.

Can I put a hot tub over TimberTech Pavers?

Yes. TimberTech Pavers can withstand the weight of most hot tubs or spas. Our system has a compressive strength of approximately 2,000 pounds per square inch. If the spa or hot tub is going on a deck, please make sure the deck itself can support the additional weight.

Can I use TimberTech Pavers for indoor applications?

TimberTech Pavers are not recommended for indoor use.

Can I use TimberTech Resurfacing Pavers over an existing brick paver patio?

TimberTech Resurfacing Pavers will perform best over even surfaces. If the existing bricks are set evenly, our system will work well over the top.

Can I use TimberTech Resurfacing Pavers over an existing concrete patio/walkway?

Yes, the TimberTech Paver system is designed to resurface existing concrete. The pavers will contour to the concrete underneath, so the more even it is the better the new surface will look.

Do TimberTech Pavers have an odor? If so, does it go away?

Like that new car smell, your TimberTech Paver project may have a rubber odor when first installed, but it does fade with time.

Do TimberTech Pavers weather?

The color and finish of TimberTech Pavers may weather over time. The finish may have more of a matte appearance after UV exposure and look more natural over time. Weathering occurs as a function of the environment, moisture, sunlight, heat, time, and other variables which may vary. Weathering is aesthetic and not a product performance issue covered under the TimberTech Paver warranty.

How warm do TimberTech Pavers get?

Color can have an effect on this, but testing shows that TimberTech Pavers get about as warm as composite lumber. On a sunny 90-degree Fahrenheit day, darker-colored pavers could reach 140 degrees Fahrenheit. Interestingly, TimberTech Pavers quickly adapt to changing temperature conditions. This means that as the sun goes down, they will rapidly cool to the new ambient temperature.

What is a drainage mat?

A drainage mat, or sheet drain or drainage board, is a system that rolls out on top of the waterproofing membrane beneath TimberTech Pavers. Its purpose is to protect the membrane and create a pathway for water to escape to the drains. It is used on the majority of waterproofed flat roof applications. Drainage mats typically come in 4’ x 50’ rolls and are 7/16" thick. They are NOT affixed to the pavers or the membrane—they float between the two. The segments are installed next to each other to cover the waterproofed areas underneath the pavers. We recommend using the Enkadrain 3801 drainage mat for the majority of applications.

Are there any building code requirements or building code reports available for Canada?

Not at this time.

Can TimberTech Pavers be used on a roof pedestal system?

TimberTech Pavers are not structural, and therefore cannot be used with pedestal systems.

Can chalk be used on TimberTech Pavers?

Yes, chalk can be used on the TimberTech Paver system. Given the low porosity, it will clean up quick and easy.

Can I install TimberTech Pavers on a flat roof that has fire code requirements?

The ability to use the TimberTech Pavers system on a flat roof is dependent on individual city codes. There are numerous flat roof projects in nearly every market across the U.S., parts of Canada, Puerto Rico, and Japan. The material meets "Class C" fire-code rating. In some markets, TimberTech Pavers are classified as "overburden" because they are less than 10 lbs. per square foot, and are easily removable. Overburden means it is a non-integral part of the roof, like a welcome mat, a table and chairs, or a planter box. In those cases, the fire code typically does not apply. Other markets, like San Francisco, limit the amount of square footage that can be flammable and installed on a flat roof. For more information, contact us or check with your local building inspector.

Can pavers be used with a snow melt system?

TimberTech Pavers have shown moderate success with different hydronic and electric snow-melt systems when the temperature is above 15 degrees Fahrenheit. Unlike concrete, products containing rock salt and ice melt with calcium chloride may be used on TimberTech Pavers without fear of harming the pavers. These products generally deteriorate concrete, and may void their warranty.

Is wind-uplift a concern for the TimberTech Paver system?

Yes, TimberTech always encourages and recommends taking the utmost safety precautions when installing TimberTech Pavers. In areas with high winds, or on flat roofs that are greater than two stories, please contact us for recommendations on adhering the pavers to the grid. The combination of building height, wind zone, parapet height, and surroundings are taken into account to make sure the application will be safe.

What building codes may be affected by resurfacing a deck?

TimberTech Resurfacing Pavers will raise the surface of the deck by 1.75”. This will lower the railing height and raise the height of the bottom step. When capping off the steps, the riser trim may reduce the depth of the stair tread. Make sure the addition will not affect the deck being up to code. It is also important to keep in mind the height of any door threshold on the deck. In some markets, fire ratings may also need to be considered.

Can I install DrySpace by myself?

Yes. Complete, easy-to-follow instructions come with your DrySpace purchase or you can refer to our Installation Help guide. Installation is easiest with two people. The everyday tools and materials you will need are readily available, and easy to find at your local hardware store.

Can I paint TimberTech DrySpace?

We do not recommend painting TimberTech DrySpace because of the maintenance issues.

Can I splice panels together to save material?

No. There is no way to make a joint between the Joist Covers and/or Panels that will prevent leaks. TimberTech DrySpace comes in 12’ and 16’ lengths that allow for seamless installations. The 16’ kits are ideal for DrySpace installations where the joist cavities are 8' long.

What happens to the dirt and debris that falls through the gaps between the deck boards with TimberTech DrySpace installed?

TimberTech DrySpace is a deck drainage system that collects water and debris that falls between the gaps in the planks and channels it away. When a deck is installed using the proper gapping requirements between planks and DrySpace is installed with the proper pitch, dirt and debris are able to fall through and be channeled out of the DrySpace panels and through the optional gutter, which helps keep your space below clean and dry. Check out our DrySpace installation video and installation guide for more detailed information.

Will the DrySpace Combo Bracket or Joist Cover cause my deck to rot?

No. When properly installed with the specified pitch, the Combo Bracket or Joist Cover channels water away from the house and out of the Combo Bracket or Joist Cover. This also allows for airflow between the Combo Bracket or Joist Cover and joist.

Will TimberTech DrySpace fail if snow melts and then freezes on the DrySpace?

If the TimberTech DrySpace has been installed with the proper pitch as defined within the Installation and Maintenance Guide the majority of the melt-off would channel out of the panel rather than freeze. If minimal freezing would occur, TimberTech DrySpace has been tested to support 25 lb./foot. Check out our DrySpace installation video and Installation Guide for more information.

Can I install a more decorative ceiling under DrySpace?

No. That would require penetrating the Joist Covers with nails or screws.

Will chemical treatments or stains damage DrySpace?

While common composite deck cleaners will not damage the DrySpace, any other cleaners should be verified to be vinyl-safe.

Can I get more information on TimberTech DrySpace?

TimberTech DrySpace is our under-deck drainage system that collects and channels moisture from the spaces between your planks. It's ideal for second-story decks and is made of solid extruded vinyl for maximum strength, durability and weather resistance. TimberTech DrySpace effectively turns lower-level patios into extra leisure and storage space—creating a usable dry space under your deck. It's great for creating more functional space to hang out with friends and family. The off-white color design lightens and brightens the area under a deck, giving that space a crisp, finished look. Learn more about TimberTech DrySpace.

Can I run the Panels over the top of a beam?

Panels must always stop 3” from the beam. In most cases, the low point of the Panel will interfere with the beam causing water to dam on the Panel. Combo Brackets and Joist Covers should stop 1” from the beam. Read the full installation instructions with a supporting beam or decks with a cantilevered area beyond the support beam.

Could I install TimberTech DrySpace by using F-Brackets only and not the Combo Bracket (Joist Cover/F-Bracket combo)?

No. The Combo Bracket (Joist Cover/F-Bracket Combo) must be used to collect any water that drains through or around the joist.

Are special tools required to install the CONCEALoc Hidden Fasteners?

No special tools are required for our hand-driven CONCEALoc Hidden Fasteners when using TimberTech grooved planks—just a drill/driver. We provide a #1 square-drive bit with the screws and CONCEALoc clips. If using TimberTech solid planks, you will need to use a router fitted with TimberTech's CONCEALoc router bit to create a groove at each joist. You can find complete details on how to install CONCEALoc in grooved and solid planks in the TimberTech Installation Resources guide. The gun pail option of the CONCEALoc Hidden Fasteners requires a pneumatic installation tool available through TigerClaw/FastenMaster.

Can TimberTech Cortex fasteners be used for all decking?

TimberTech CortexTM fasteners can be used on all TimberTech decking for perimeter boards and stairs, except for ReliaBoard or Terrain profiles. Cortex provides a discrete, hidden fastening solution for perimeter boards and stairs. Combined with TimberTech CONCEALoc or FUSIONLoc for the main decking areas, you can enjoy a complete hidden fastening solution for the entire deck surface.

How many end cuts will one bottle of TimberTech End Coating cover?

Each bottle of TimberTech End Coating will cover approximately 250 end cuts. 

Is a CONCEALoc Hidden Fastener installation video available?

Yes. View the “TimberTech Decking Installation using CONCEALoc Hidden Fastener" video on our Installation Help page.

Where do I put TimberTech deck lights on the stairs? How many should I install?

TimberTech Riser Lights are typically centered on the stairs. Some municipalities have differing codes specific to stair lighting. Be sure to check your local code requirements before installation. We also offer Post Cap and Post Accent Lights for more illumination at the top and bottom of the stairs. 

The number of lights you install on your stairs is largely a personal preference—so have fun with it. For inspiration, check out the TimberTech Lighting page.

Can CONCEALoc Hidden Fasteners be used on angles?

Yes, any angle up to 45 degrees can be achieved. On angles, offset the center of the fastener ½’’ towards the long point of the joist so the screw will not exit the side of the joist when driven. Reference our Installation Resources guide.

Do CONCEALoc fasteners match decking colors?

CONCEALoc and FUSIONLoc fasteners are not color-matched to our decking. These hidden fastening systems are designed to combine ease of installation with the look of a flawless, fastener-free surface. CONCEALoc, offered in Brown, and FUSIONLoc, offered in Black, blend with the framing in the gaps between the deck planks. 

With the exception of ReliaBoard and Terrain profiles, you can combine with TimberTech Cortex—available in multiple colors that complement our decking—for the perimeter boards and stairs to enjoy a complete hidden fastening solution for the entire deck surface.

Do I need to gap my planks when I'm using CONCEALoc Hidden Fasteners?

The CONCEALoc fastening system provides consistent spacing between the sides of the planks. You will need to gap the ends at all butt joints, and where the plank ends meet an adjoining structure or post per our Installation & Maintenance Guide.

What are the CONCEALoc Hidden Fasteners made of?

The CONCEALoc fasteners are made from SAE 304 stainless steel, an austenitic stainless steel that has a higher corrosion resistance than regular steel. The hand-driven screws are stainless steel, while the pneumatically driven screws are coated carbon.

What is the wattage on TimberTech LED deck lights?

The wattage of the TimberTech LEDs depends on the type of deck light you are using.

  • Post Cap: 4 watts
  • Island Cap, Accent, Under Rail, and Stair Riser: 2 watts
  • In-Deck: 1 watt
  • Optional dimmer w/remote for use with 100-watt transformer: 20 watts

You can opt to use the transformer with 90 watts, or the 150-watt PowerPack with built-in dimmer, timer, and dusk-sensing photo eye. You can use up to 40 watts per circuit and 90 watts per transformer. Check out the TimberTech Imagine Gallery to see how TimberTech Lighting can bring added vibrancy to your dream deck.

What sizes are available in TimberTech Gate kits?

Our Gate Kits provide the components to turn a Premier Rail, Trademark Rail or RadianceRail pack into a gate using composite balusters to achieve either a 36” or 42” gate height to match the railing. Gate kits are available in Black or White, both with black hardware.

Can TimberTech AZEK Deck be used in commercial decking as cladding applications?

Commercial applications are not supported by our testing today. CCRR-0266 is limited to the exterior use on buildings of combustible nonfire-resistance-rated construction: IBC and FBC-B Type V-B construction and all construction types permitted under the IRC and FBC-R. Also known as “ordinary” residential construction.

Can hidden clips be used as fasteners?

Hidden clips are not a part of our code compliance research report for TimberTech AZEK Deck as cladding. If a hidden fastener is desired the 2.5” Cortex® can be used, along with the 2.0” Cortex® for installations over block construction.

Does the installation require 2x4 pressure treated furring strips?

Yes, our code compliance research report requires a minimum 2x4 PT furring strips. Our experience with smaller or thinner furring strips is they split and lose their holding power.

Can TimberTech AZEK decking be used in a decking as cladding application?

TimberTech AZEK Deck used as cladding is not supported by our testing or CCRR at this time.

What is the recommendation for the weather-resistant barrier / waterproofing?

Each application is entirely different. The substructure must be built to be weather proof and we are decorative cladding that is not designed to keep moisture out. It is up to the architect, engineer, installer, and local code official to ensure the structure is weather-tight and meets code.

Do you need to use a TimberTech Transformer with the LED Lighting product?

To maintain the 5-Year Warranty for TimberTech Lighting, our LED Lighting products must be installed using the TimberTech Transformer or PowerPack. We have tested our lighting and transformer together, and we are confident in their performance.

Does TimberTech decking require pre-drilling to install?

There are a few instances when you will need to pre-drill while installing a TimberTech deck. Cortex fasteners require a 3/16’’ pre-drill. If you are using TimberTech TOPLoc fasteners or an alternative composite deck screw, then pre-drilling is required when within 1 ½” of the ends of the planks, as well as for installation in temperatures below 45 degrees Fahrenheit. This is to help avoid splitting of the plank and screw shearing. For more information, be sure to check out our Decking Installation Guide.

Does TimberTech have a bench and/or planter system?

We recommend working with your local contractor to help design and build your benches and planters. TimberTech benches and planters can be built using any of our decking products over a structural sub-structure.

Can I use TimberTech as a joist?

No, you cannot use TimberTech as a joist. TimberTech is not intended for use as columns, support posts, beams, joist stringers, or other primary load-bearing members. TimberTech must only be supported by a code-compliant substructure. For more information, check out our Installation Guide.

Can TimberTech decking be installed in cold weather?

Yes, TimberTech decking can be installed in cold weather, but the installation requirements may change a bit depending on the temperature. For example, for temperatures below 45 degrees Fahrenheit, pre-drilling is required for all TimberTech composite and capped-composite products when face fastening. The gapping requirements also change depending on the temperature. You can find those specific requirements in the Decking Installation Guide. We always recommend contacting a professional builder or contractor before starting your deck project.

How do you install TimberTech railings on concrete?

TimberTech Secure Mount Post is a great option for the installation of TimberTech railing on a concrete surface and is adjustable to accommodate both 36” and 42” high rail installations. The Secure Mount Post can be installed directly on composite decks or concrete surfaces, and no treated 4x4 post is needed. Mounting hardware for deck installation is sold separately. Mounting hardware for concrete applications can be sourced locally.

Check out the Secure Mount Post Installation Guide and the Railing Installation Guides for instructions, and always consult local building codes prior to installation.

Is it still recommended to create a loop for the TimberTech LED Lighting's wiring?

No, it isn’t necessary to create a loop with the TimberTech LED Lights. You can end the run at your last light.

What is the maximum joist spacing for the Terrain, Tropical, and Legacy collections using CONCEALoc Fastening?

For the most up-to-date installation information, please check out our TimberTech Decking Installation Guide or Installation Help page.

What is the spacing for TimberTech stair stringers?

The answer depends on the line of decking you are installing, and whether or not it is being used as a veneer. As always, we recommend consulting a building professional and referring to the TimberTech Decking Install Guide before starting any project. For the most up-to-date installation information, please visit the Installation Help page.

How long is my TimberTech Warranty?

Read the full details regarding all current TimberTech warranties. For any questions regarding historical warranties, please call 1-877-275-2935.

What is required within the requested photos?

Photos are required to resolve any claim. You may upload up to 5 photos with the initial registration. Additional information may be requested and supplied after registration is complete. Photos should include overall views from each side of the deck to illustrate structure, deck elevation, and general surroundings. For elevated decks, photos of the understructure are helpful.

When taking specific photos illustrating the problem area(s), consider:

  • For concerns regarding structural movement or warping, placing a straight edge on the deck surface provides a reference point to better illustrate the area of concern. (Common straight edges are a builder’s level, board, broom handle, etc.)
  • Photos specific to areas with aesthetic concerns do not require a straight edge reference point.
  • Clarity of photos will expedite the review process
  • Each image file is limited to 5 MB


Is the TimberTech Warranty transferable?

The TimberTech Warranty may be transferred one (1) time, within the five (5) year period beginning from the date of original purchase by Purchaser, to a subsequent buyer of the property upon which the TimberTech Products were originally installed.

What info is required to file a TimberTech Warranty claim?
  1. Homeowner contact information
  2. Location of deck (if different than primary residence)
  3. Details regarding installer (Self-installed/contractor-installed)
  4. If installed by a contractor, name and contact information for installing contractor
  5. Retailer information
  6. Date of purchase
  7. Date of installation
  8. Style and color of your TimberTech product
  9. Invoices from original purchase of TimberTech products
  10. Photo images detailing product issue
  11. Detailed description of the nature of the problem
After completing the registration, what will happen?

You will receive an automated response to the supplied email address, which will identify your case number. Please make note of this case number, as you will need to refer to it in all future correspondences. Once we’ve reviewed your claim data to verify completion of the requested information, the claim will be assigned to a Regional Warranty Specialist who will contact you via your preferred method of contact.

Can I view the status of my existing TimberTech claim online?

Yes, in order to view the status of your warranty claim, you will be required to submit the following:

  • Your claim number
  • Homeowner’s last name
  • Homeowner’s zip code
How do I file a TimberTech Warranty claim?

Warranty claims may be initiated by filling out a claim form. You will be guided through a simple three-step process to register your warranty claim.

How long is my TimberTech Warranty?

Read the full details regarding all current TimberTech Warranties.

For any questions regarding historical warranties, please call 1-877-275-2935.

What does TimberTech Warranty not include?

TimberTech does not warrant against and is not responsible for, and no implied warranty shall be deemed to cover, any product failure, product malfunction, or damages attributable to: (1) improper installation of the TimberTech Products and/or failure to abide by TimberTech’s installation guidelines, including but not limited to improper gapping; (2) use of TimberTech Products beyond normal use, or in an application not recommended by the TimberTech installation guidelines and local building codes; (3) movement, distortion, collapse or settling of the ground or the supporting structure on which the TimberTech Products are installed; (4) any act of God (such as flooding, hurricane, earthquake, lightning, etc.), environmental condition (such as air pollution, mold, mildew, etc.), or staining from foreign substances (such as dirt, grease, oil, etc.); (5) variations or changes in color of TimberTech Products; (6) normal weathering due to exposure to sunlight, weather and atmosphere which can cause colored surfaces to, among other things, flake, chalk, or accumulate dirt or stains; (7) improper handling, storage, abuse or neglect of the TimberTech Products by Purchaser, the transferee or third parties; (8) any fasteners not supplied by TimberTech; or (9) minor dripping from DrySpace. This warranty shall not cover, and TimberTech shall not be responsible for, costs and expenses incurred with respect to the removal of the defective TimberTech Products or the installation of replacement materials, including but not limited to, labor and freight.

What if I don't have invoices?

Invoices from the retailer are preferred as it provides much of the required information all in one spot, such as point of purchase, date of purchase, material description and counts.

Preferred documents:

  • Original retail sales invoice
  • Original contract with installer*
  • Building permit

Acceptable alternative proof of payment/purchase:

  • Credit card statement
  • Cancelled check image

*Claims submitted without an original sales invoice to define material type, quantities, and retail point of purchase will result in delays.

Care & Cleaning
Can I use rock salt or ice melt on a TimberTech deck?

As with any walking surface, TimberTech decking products may become slippery in winter weather. Use caution when walking on your TimberTech deck in these conditions. Most products containing calcium chloride can be used without damage to the deck/porch surface. These products may leave a white residue which can be cleaned using the cleaning guidelines above. Metal shovels or plastic shovels with a metal leading edge may damage the surface of TimberTech decking, and are not recommended for clearing snow from the deck surface. For more information, visit Care and Cleaning.

Can you power-wash a TimberTech deck?

Yes, you can power-wash a TimberTech deck. First, remember to spray in the direction of the brush/grain pattern to avoid damaging the product. Always take the proper safety precautions when operating a power washer. Be sure to hold the power wash wand at approximately a 30º angle. A fan tip must be used on the wand or damage to the decking will occur. For TimberTech wood-plastic composite and capped-composite decking, the recommended maximum pressure is 1500 psi. For more information, check out Care & Cleaning.

Deck Designer
How do I find/contact a local contractor to bring my virtual deck to life?

Use our TimberTech contractor locator to discover a list of local contractors/deck builders.

Is there a way to improve the speed of TimberTech Deck Designer?

Yes. Under "Settings", in the toolbar to change the graphics preset from "Fantastic" to "Good". This will increase the speed of the processor tool without significantly affecting visual quality. You can also click “Custom” to change other variances to the look of your design.

Who can I contact to report issues with the Deck Designer app?

We’re happy to help with any questions you have while designing your deck. Please feel free to call us at 1-877-275-2935.

How can I get a list of the materials I will need for my deck design?

Our Deck Designer provides you with a list of the TimberTech decking and railing products you selected in your deck design. Click on the “Bill of Materials” icon in the toolbar to view and print the list when you’ve completed your design. Please note that the materials list does not include substructure material such as beams and joists; your contractor will be able to provide the most accurate estimates for these materials.

How do I obtain a permit for my deck?

Check your local building codes for permit requirements for your home. Getting a building permit is much more than simply obtaining official permission to build; they are an evolving set of professional standards created to help ensure that your deck is properly constructed so that it is safe and secure for you, your loved ones, and visitors. Building permits are usually required for any structure, such as a deck, that necessitates the installation of footings. Building a deck without a permit, especially if the required footings fall short of the prescribed standard, could require you to pull down your deck and rebuild it to the proper specifications, costing you significant time and money.

How do I obtain a quote for my virtual deck?

Before ordering materials, use the Deck Designer to determine the type and quantity of materials you need. We recommend contacting a contractor or dealer to review your design to determine the complete list of materials you’ll need to bring your deck to life. They will also be able to provide accurate estimates for your deck.

TimberTech Loyalty Rewards Program
Why isn’t my company appearing on the website?

Your company’s name will appear on our website once you have reached the Silver level. Please check the invoice tracker to ensure your submitted invoices have been approved, and all funds have been applied. If you believe there is still an issue, please contact your sales representative.


Do I have to renew my level each year?

To ensure that consumers visiting our website get up-to-date information on our network of contractors, we require all members to renew their status by demonstrating sales volume through invoice submission.

Do I have to upload my invoices or can I just have my dealer provide my total spend?

We want to ensure we are capturing all your work as a partner, and ask that you submit your invoices. Please reach out to your local TimberTech sales rep if you need assistance. Invoice submittals take place on

Does it cost anything to become a TimberTech Loyalty Rewards Program member?

There is no cost to join. Your loyalty is more than enough.

How can I move up levels?

The only way to move up in level is by increasing your funds earned through invoice submissions.

How do I earn marketing funds?

Marketing funds can be earned by submitting invoices.

How do I get reimbursed using my marketing funds?

We will reimburse you from your earned promotional funds for any approved marketing activity. Simply log onto, click the “Invoice Tracker” button, and fill out our Request for Reimbursement Form.

How often do I need to upload invoices?

We encourage all our partners to submit invoices as frequently as possible. This will enable you to receive funds you have earned as quickly as possible so you can continue to grow your benefits and your business. At a minimum, you must submit your annual invoice totals no later than December 31st of each year.

What can I use my marketing funds on?

Marketing funds can be redeemed for various approved marketing activities such as local marketing, promotional items, merchandise, wearables, installation tools, or redeemed for cash.

Which TimberTech Building Products are eligible to earn funds?

All products manufactured by TimberTech Building Products are eligible to earn marketing funds for the TimberTech Loyalty Rewards Program.

Can I roll over marketing funds from year to year?

No. Marketing funds run on a calendar year and need to be used by December 31. Invoices can be uploaded from January 1 to December 31. Invoices submitted after December 1 can be carried over to the following calendar year. Invoices submitted must be dated within the month of December to carry over. Anything dated before December must be used in that year.

How do I register for the TimberTech Loyalty Rewards Program?

Becoming a TimberTech Loyalty Rewards member is easy. Go to the Loyalty Rewards Sign Up page to get started. Your local sales rep will be in contact soon after.

How do I upload invoices?

Simply login to and click the “Invoice Tracker” button. It is within this tool where invoices are submitted, approved, and filed for easy access.

What are marketing funds?

Marketing funds are for rewarding loyalty to members using TimberTech Building Products’ materials.