Can I install TimberTech Pavers on a flat roof that has fire code requirements?

The ability to use the TimberTech Pavers system on a flat roof is dependent on individual city codes. There are numerous flat roof projects in nearly every market across the U.S., parts of Canada, Puerto Rico, and Japan. The material meets “Class C” fire-code rating. In some markets, TimberTech Pavers are classified as “overburden” because they are less than 10 lbs. per square foot, and are easily removable. Overburden means it is a non-integral part of the roof, like a welcome mat, a table and chairs, or a planter box. In those cases, the fire code typically does not apply. Other markets, like San Francisco, limit the amount of square footage that can be flammable and installed on a flat roof. For more information, contact us or check with your local building inspector.

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