What is required within the requested photos for a warranty claim?

Photos are required to resolve any claim. You may upload up to 5 photos with the initial registration. Additional information may be requested and supplied after registration is complete. Photos should include overall views from each side of the deck to illustrate the structure, deck elevation, and general surroundings. For elevated decks, photos of the understructure are helpful.

When taking specific photos illustrating the problem area(s), consider:

  • For concerns regarding structural movement or warping, placing a straight edge on the deck surface provides a reference point to better illustrate the area of concern. (Common straight edges are a builder’s level, board, broom handle, etc.)
  • Photos specific to areas with aesthetic concerns do not require a straight edge reference point.
  • Clarity of photos will expedite the review process
  • Each image file is limited to 5 MB

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