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Composite Decking Designs: Understanding Variegation and Texture

September 24, 2019

Look closely at a board of real wood and you might notice its diverse array of whirls, lines, and coloring. TimberTech composite decking boards are designed specifically to resemble this natural, varied look, so you can get something that looks just like the real thing (minus the maintenance and environmental impact).

Here, we explore some of the measures we take to capture the nuance and beauty of nature in our composite decking designs. Use this as a guide to help you decide on details for your space’s style.

Color Variegation in Our Composite Decking Designs

Okay, so you’ve picked out your favorite hue. Isn’t that it? Not quite — because the base color is just the beginning.

We get really into the details when adding wood-like characteristics to our boards, and a big part of that is achieved through color variegation. Color variegation is an effect produced by using various pigments and stains to create natural-looking highlights and lowlights on boards. We offer three degrees of variegation that vary from board-to-board and color-to-color:

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Variegated Cascading

True to Texture

There are so many subtle nuances to wood’s texture that we offer an entire range of texture options, which are achieved through various techniques. Learn about the texture and wood grain options, then choose the one that’s right for you.

Straight Tight Grain

Boards feature a tight, straight wood grain pattern with very few grain waves.

Found in the TimberTech EDGE Prime and Premier Collections

Dual-Embossed Grain

Boards feature a dual-embossed wood grain, with slightly raised wood grain textures that resemble the elegance of natural lumber.

Found in the Terrain Collection

Cathedral Grain

Boards feature circular “cathedrals,” sometimes called peaks, on the board’s face, typical of lumber that has been quarter sawn.

Found in the Arbor and Harvest Collections

Wire-Brushed Texture

Boards feature an open wood grain created by brushing wire bristles over the lumber, enhancing the board’s beauty and smoothness.

Found in the Vintage Collection

Hand-Scraped Texture

Boards feature a lovingly worn-in look created by hand scraping, lending Old World charm in a modern way.

Found in the Legacy Collection

The Finished Product

Whatever style of variegation and texture you choose, your deck will age beautifully and provide a real-wood look with minimal hassle. If you can’t choose, feel free to mix and match to create your own customized composite decking design. To see more, visit our Decking Design & Style Center.

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