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Deck Design Ideas: Pinstripe Pattern

May 31, 2019

Streamlined Sophistication

Multi-width design gets a contemporary spin with the linear pinstripe deck pattern. Sometimes referred to as the “double narrow” for the two 3.5” boards that border each wide one, this is reminiscent of suiting fabric and a fresh take on a popular deck layout.


Style: Reimagined
Complexity: Moderate

Deck Planning Notes

EASY FOR PROS: Expect this to be a faster installation, as this deck layout calls for standard framing; budget in more time for large decks with a significant amount of narrow boards and/or the addition of picture framing. Need a deck builder? Contact one of our TimberTech contractors.

TONAL SIMPLICITY: This deck layout is dynamic in single-color applications or in dual hues, but might get lost in too many colors.

FINISHING TOUCHES: Avoid having two wide-width deck boards next to each other on the deck’s edge to maintain the visual flow; picture framing can add a traditional element to this otherwise contemporary deck design.

Compatible Product Lines

TimberTech AZEK
Vintage Collection (Deck boards available in narrow, standard, and wide widths)

deck design ideas pinstripe pattern

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