Get Out Front of Popular Porch Trends

August 13, 2019

Although they may remind us of simpler times gone by, front porches are offering more design options than ever before and growing in popularity. In fact, the number of new homes built with porches grew from 42% in 1994 to 65% last year, according to the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB).

Here are just a few of the trends that are making porches warmer and more welcoming then ever:

Color it Creative

No matter your design aesthetic, use a pop of color or a feeling of rich texture to make it all yours. Start with the porch floors as a dramatic opening statement by mixing contrasting or complementary colors. Then work your way up with trim and ceiling accents that complete the unique look of your home.

Porch Trends - Color it Creative.jpg

Put Them in the Plus Column

Porch columns offer a lot more than support; they play a key role in making your porch the star of your home’s picture-perfect entrance. Columns can be round or square and highlighted with creative crowns, bed and base moulding that add lines, accents, angles and uniformity. To protect, preserve and personalize, use AZEK PVC Column Wraps that’s easy to install and easy on the eyes.

Porch Trends - Put Them in the Plus Column.jpg

Bring the Inside Outside

A porch is more than a beautiful extension of your interior décor. You can make it more comfortable and personal than ever before. Think of it as another room, built with sturdy weather resistant materials that keep it looking clean and inviting. Your porch faces the world and puts a welcoming smile on your home – giving friends, family and the community a pretty preview of good things to come.


Mixing Materials

In the past, most homes were built with a single material. Today, you’ll see stone, metal, glass and more used on the interior and exterior of homes that range from traditional to modern. Porch flooring comes in a variety of textures from woodgrain to wire brushed. Whatever materials you select, make sure they’re low-maintenance and as durable as they are beautiful.

Porch Trends - Mixing Materials.jpg

Make it Personal

Your home is a reflection of your life and style – starting at your front porch. Personalize your porch with pillows, plants, artwork and individual features unique to you to take your aesthetic to the next level. Our collection of products make the perfect foundation and palette for you to get creative and colorful.

Porch Trends - Make it Personal.jpg

We’ve got the right products for your perfect porch.

Whether it’s flooring, walls, ceilings, railing or column wrap, TimberTech, and AZEK Exteriors offer durable, reliable products that can help add even more curb appeal to your home. All without the hassle of constant maintenance. Visit for less work and more lasting beauty – right where you live.

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