The Sky Deck: No Backyard? No problem!

January 14, 2019

Blake Carter of California Deck Pros is no stranger to steep challenges, but this project in Escondido, Calif., presented with a higher degree of difficulty than most. Carter and his crew were tasked with removing a small, hardwood deck surrounding a pool at the rear of a La Jolla home, and replacing it with a newer, larger one.

The complicating factor was the home’s backyard: there isn’t one.

The house is positioned on the side of a hill that quickly falls away at more than a 45-degree angle — wonderful for the homeowners’ view but more than a little daunting for the average contractor.

Like many homeowners, this one had a wish-list of favored materials for their new deck. However, the curved design of the deck combined with the logistical difficulties presented by the site made the homeowner’s requested decking material impractical if not impossible. They had no choice but to upgrade their materials if this project was to be true to the original design.

“The homeowner originally wanted to use composite decking,” Carter said. “but I recommended we instead use TimberTech AZEK decking because it is the easiest material to curve. It heats quicker, bends easier, and doesn’t wrinkle or break as a capped composite might when you try to bend it.”

The homeowner quickly agreed and, after reviewing the color options, settled on the TimberTech AZEK Island Oak, a favorite of Carter’s. “It has a beautiful, natural finish,” he said, adding that the homeowner was so pleased with the look that he requested TimberTech AZEK fascia boards also be used.

The result of Carter’s careful work is a stunning sky deck, a beautifully realized 2,000-square-foot aerie that cantilevers out into the clouds a full 30 feet from the back of the home. Carter’s asymmetrical installation of the decking boards and adjacent pergola platform follows the sensuous curve of the pool, and leads the eye to a breathtaking view of the surrounding hills and the Pacific Ocean beyond. Now, when the homeowners are in town, they can enjoy a serene sanctuary that is finally worthy of their spectacular bird’s eye view of the California coastline.



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