TimberTech Pavers Turn Worn Patio Into Impressive Dining Area for Crittenton Hospital Employees

August 31, 2015

It was a real feel-good project because it improved a space that had become difficult to maintain, and was unappealing to use.




At roughly 30 years old, Crittenton Hospital Medical Center’s cafeteria patio had begun to show its age. Used by about 75 people daily, the rooftop space had become a field of crumbling brick pavers and cracked concrete, and was increasingly difficult to maintain. For help, the medical center turned to Sean Bell of Zenco Construction who recommended TimberTech Pavers as the ideal solution. Attractive, light-weight, and low-maintenance,  TimberTech Pavers  enabled the hospital to beautifully rehabilitate the popular space in a short amount of time. 

“Our goal was to improve the look of the patio for the staff and visitors who use it, without adding weight to or otherwise damaging the roof itself,” explains Kathy Partrick, director of facilities for Crittenton Hospital Medical Center. “We were looking at options such as repairing the existing concrete and bricks, or tearing it all out and replacing with concrete pavers, when Zenco brought TimberTech Pavers to our attention.” 

Bell suggested TimberTech pavers as they could be installed over the existing patio thus avoiding its costly removal. TimberTech pavers’ lighter weight also make them ideal for rooftop installation. Additionally, the stain- and scratch-resistant, low-maintenance pavers stand up to harsh weather and freezing temperatures without heaving or cracking. And as they’re made of a very high percentage of recycled material, they are also the most environmentally responsible paver on the market.  

TimberTech’s revolutionary pavers are lighter in weight and easier to cut than conventional concrete pavers, and install three times faster on a unique, self-aligning grid system that is placed over a prepared sub base. 

“The pavers are a cleaner product that were easier to transport through the hospital, and they create less noise and odor during installation than concrete pavers. They were the optimal choice,” explains Bell. For this project, he recommended TimberTech Standard Pavers, which provided the extra height needed to eliminate existing access ramps at entrance points to the terrace without creating too much slope in any given area. “There is now zero incline, so we gained improved accessibility,” says Partrick. 

To install the pavers, Zenco first removed all loose and or damaged concrete, pavers and vegetation that had grown on the terrace. They then brought in bedding sand to properly grade the existing substrate, and eliminate any uneven transitions. Finally, the grids and pavers were installed. The entire process took only seven working days. 

"The employees were able to lead the effort to create an area they can really enjoy,” says Partrick.

See & Feel the TimberTech Advantage

Our capped polymer and capped composite decking lines combine recycled material with all the beauty of traditional wood.

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