TimberTech’s DrySpace System Doubles Outdoor Living, Keeping Space Dry

June 8, 2017

The space under the deck, no matter the height of the structure often goes to waste and falls into ruin—unusable either for entertainment or storage, because it is continuously dark and damp. TimberTech understands homeowners’ frustrations and has the perfect solution: DrySpace, true to its name!

With DrySpace, homeowners can double their outdoor living space and know that their furniture and cushions underneath—or stored items—will stay safe from water falling through deck gaps from above. It’s also a safe haven for rainy weather if a storm rolls in.

The ingenious system finishes the under-deck space to collect and channel moisture—leaving you with a second space for storage or enjoyment. DrySpace is now available in white, as well as in original bone color, and both lighten and brighten the area under the deck.  It can also be installed under new or existing decks.

And here’s a great idea: while adults are entertaining and socializing on the upper deck, you can create a kids’ haven below—where they can burn off steam and have access to game tables like ping pong, electronics or toys. So, create a separate place for the kids, store your outdoor pool toys or gear without having to take up yard-space with a shed, or simply make sure a rainy day never keeps you inside again.

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