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Tiny Change, Big Impact: Lighting, Railings, and Trim

October 21, 2016

As beautiful as a new deck can be, today’s homeowners have a wealth of accessories at their disposal that can make major differences in the look and functionality of their decks. 

TimberTech offers high-quality design accents that can take any deck installation to the next level. As tiny as some of these changes might seem, you’ll be surprised at the big impact they deliver.  

TimberTech Railing

TimberTech offers capped composite and aluminum railing choices that can finish off any deck construction with style and substance. And you can expect the railings to be every bit as strong and beautiful as your TimberTech deck. 

  • RadianceRail: TimberTech’s RadianceRail line of railings is renowned for its seamless lines, invisible hardware, and handsome traditional profile. With so many colors and infills available to choose from, RadianceRail offers easy customization so you can make your deck uniquely yours.

  • RadianceRail Express: If you love the look of RadianceRail products, but you’re on a smaller budget, then RadianceRail Express offers a more affordable way to enjoy all of the strength, beauty, and durability the RadianceRail line has to offer.

  • Evolutions Rail Contemporary: If you prefer the look of a continuous top rail that’s uninterrupted by posts, TimberTech’s Evolutions Rail Contemporary line is for you. This railing system features a sleek, modern aesthetic, and it is available with a selection of dramatic infill options so you can design a railing system that will serve as the perfect complement to your TimberTech deck. 
  • Evolutions Rail Builder: Evolutions Rail Builder’s crisp, clean lines can make for a handsome addition to your deck installation. As versatile as it is beautiful, it works with any of TimberTech's deck boards as its rail topper, for an even wider range of designs. 
  • Impression Rail: TimberTech’s minimalist Impression Rail system is made from lightweight and low-maintenance aluminum. While it looks and feels like high-end cast iron, it’s surprisingly affordable. 

TimberTech Lighting

TimberTech offers several lighting options to help ensure that your outdoor enjoyment of your deck doesn’t have to end when the night falls.  

  • Accent Lighting: Accent lighting provides delicate downward-facing illumination on posts or near stairs. These fixtures deliver a subtle source of light on those areas where you need added visibility.

  • In-Deck Lighting:  In-deck lights are installed flush to your deck's surface. These inconspicuous fixtures don’t produce a focus light but rather cast a pleasant ambient glow. Whether for added visibility at night or for an atmospheric touch, in-deck lighting is an excellent choice.
  • Post Cap Lighting: Post cap lights allow you to light up the edge of your deck with a soft glow. TimberTech’s post cap lights attach easily to any RadianceRail or RadianceRail Express 4" and 5" posts.
  • Riser Lighting: Built-in lights on your stair risers help make your deck safer and more beautiful. These lights add a warm touch that showcase the natural beauty of your composite decking.

  • Under-Rail Lighting:  TimberTech’s under-rail light fixtures rest invisibly in the underside of the top rail between balusters when they’re not in use. But, once turned on, they cast a soft, warm downward glow.

TimberTech Fasteners

“It’s all in the details” as they say, and when it comes to TimberTech decking, there are details galore that can make a tremendous difference in the quality and longevity of your decking. These are the crowning touches that truly complete the look of your deck. 

  • Fasteners: TimberTech’s fastening systems are proven tough and all-but-invisible. Choose from CONCEALoc, Cortex, TOPLoc, or the new FUSIONLoc, the first and only collated hidden fastening system engineered for both strength and speed. 
  • End Coating: TimberTech’s end coat is applied to the cut ends of your deck boards to give them a finished look and provide a stronger seal against water. This product is easily applied with a brush or roller, and is available in six TimberTech colors. 
  • DrySpace: Keeping the space under your second-story deck dry is important for maintaining the area if you want to use it for storage or for a living space. DrySpace is TimberTech’s revolutionary under-deck drainage system for second-story decks. 
  • Gate Kits: Gate kits are available from TimberTech for its RadianceRail railing systems. These kits not only add beauty and charm to your deck, they also make your deck a safer place to play for smaller children. 
  • Risers: The riser is the part of the step that faces you, so make it look as beautiful as possible by using genuine TimberTech Riser Boards. Risers are available in all TimberTech colors to ensure your steps perfectly coordinate perfectly with your deck. 

From top to bottom, you can easily customize the look and feel of your TimberTech deck using any of the above-mentioned options. While seemingly small, each can significantly contribute to the overall beauty and utility of your deck. And no matter which options you choose, they are all backed by industry-leading TimberTech warranties. 

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