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Top 5 Decking Trends For 2017

June 14, 2017

If creating a stunning new outdoor living area tops your to-do list, we have just what you need: the inspiration to propel your project forward. These hot new decking design trends will provide ideas on how to create a beautiful and unique outdoor living space that will provide enjoyment for years to come.


1. Moving Away From Wood

Redwood and cedar costs have spiked in the past year, so more people are opting for decks made of PVC polymers and composites instead. According to a recent Freedonia study, the expected lifespan of a conventional wood deck is 10 years, choosing composite decking becomes the obvious choice.

TimberTech decks offer many benefits compared with conventional wood, including being easy to maintain and environmentally friendly. Most food and drink spills can be removed with just soap and water. Also, if you are passionate about caring for the environment, knowing that your deck is made with recycled materials will make savoring summer nights in your new outdoor space even sweeter.

2. Mixed Colors

As you envision your dream outdoor oasis, keep in mind that TimberTech composite decking offers seemingly endless possibilities to make your deck stand out with mixed colors. Perhaps your deck style includes a seamless palette of earth-tone grays or a variety of brown hues. If so, our decking makes achieving this distinctive look easy and fun. Instead of going through the hassle of staining individual pieces of traditional wood, you can simply choose different decking colors and, like in the above photo from our friends at TimberTown in Austin, TX, mix and match as needed. Weaving in multi-toned deck boards is an ideal way to put your unique stamp on an outdoor living space.

3. Separation

Large, multi-level decks are also very popular this year, but the trend stretches beyond size by dividing outdoor spaces. Homeowners are choosing decking designs that provide distinct places for dining, sitting areas for after dinner drinks, and even sun bathing havens. Waist high planter boxes and small privacy screens are simple ways to pull off this look. Rooftop decking is also a growing trend, adding a vertical option for urban-dwellers with limited yard space.

4. Patterns

The growing emergence of patterned decks plays into the move toward distinct outdoor living space. After you have mapped out all of your unique outdoor spaces, patterned  TimberTech building materials are perfect to make a particular area such as a sunbathing space really pop. The most traditional choice for patterns is herringbone, which is a stunning tried-and-true option that you never have to worry about going out of style. Breaking up deck floors into 3x3 or 4x4 foot boxes is a huge trend for 2017. This approach gives decks a tiled look that stands out. Pavers are also a way to accentuate a unique pattered design element on a patio or rooftop space.

5. Curves

Curved decks are a growing trend this year as well. The flexibility offered by state-of-the-art polymer materials makes curved decks an easy look to achieve. A curved deck helps accent an existing round feature such as a fountain, pool or a natural landscaping element. Creating this look with traditional wood could be extremely time consuming in order to bend and fasten it. Fortunately, PVC products are much more forgiving, so incorporating a dramatic curve into your outdoor space can be simple and affordable.

Whether you choose a multi-hued deck or a pergola to create a separate outdoor living space, we know that TimberTech materials offer plenty of options to make your dream deck a reality this year.

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