What Is the Difference Between Capped Wood Composite and PVC Deck Pricing?

September 20, 2016

The price of TimberTech products varies depending upon three important considerations: the type of material used, the color of that material, and the degree and manner of the engineering of the design of the material.

If you’ve got a minute, the longer answer is actually even more interesting—and not really that much longer, we promise.

Type of Material

TimberTech Capped Composite products and TimberTech AZEK 100% PVC products are both engineered to be high-quality decking materials. That said, the 100% pure PVC formulation of our TimberTech AZEK decking makes it the ultimate decking material, with steadfast color, an enduring beauty, and unequaled protection from scratches, mildew, and stains. Consequently, TimberTech AZEK boards command a premium price. Generally speaking, you can expect to pay approximately 35-40% more for TimberTech AZEK’s 100% PVC solution over other TimberTech products made from our composite formulation depending on the specific product and color you choose.

Color of the Material

The difference in price between the two materials also varies depending on the desired color. (Yes, some hues are more difficult to accurately reproduce than others, and products featuring those colors are accordingly priced higher.) What’s more, recreating the complex tones of some real woodgrains requires the application of more than one tone, and the artful melding of those different colors to create realistic-looking effects takes more time, and a greater level of expertise to accomplish than is needed for a single hue.

Engineering of the Material

More detailed designs often require additional steps to faithfully execute. Some of our product lines are engineered, embossed, and textured to a greater degree than other of our products, and that additional time, labor, and level of difficulty naturally results in a more premium price.

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