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When You Rip Out the Last Plank to Fit the Decking Area, Will the Outer Shell Separate?

September 27, 2016

What Is a Rip Cut?

For all those who are wondering what a "rip cut" is, it's when the plank is cut parallel to the length of the board. If the last board isn’t the size you need to complete the installation, it can be needed to create a perfect fit on the last deck board.

How Should I Cut My Boards?

We recommend using a thin kerf 40-tooth alternate bevel finish blade to achieve the cleanest cuts. Don’t worry, the cut will not result in separation of the cap stock and the core of the plank.

Most people prefer to start away from the house and work toward the house, so if you do need to rip out that last board, the cut edge is less visible at the house.

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