Which Paver Glues to Use With TimberTech Pavers

July 20, 2020
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When it comes to paving the way to signature outdoor style and durability, TimberTech has you covered. We offer three different types of pavers for you to choose from — Resurfacing, Permeable, and Standard — each tailored to your specific application needs. Once you’ve learned about the tools and best practices for cutting these pavers, you’ll next want to learn which paver glues to for your own backyard installation. It’s important to choose the right paver glues so you can advantage of benefits like enhanced structural integrity, a secure foot-feel, and more.

Read on to learn what you need to claim the right paver for you, which paver glues to use, and where to find additional installation resources.

Discover Three Easy-to-Install Paver Lines

TimberTech® Pavers offer a number of benefits, including redirecting rainwater runoff, protecting an underlying surface, and bringing attractive texture and pattern to patios, decks, porches, walkways, and more. Our three paver lines have different recommended applications, but they all have these things in common:

  • Convenient installation: TimberTech Pavers come with a patented grid system that shaves off installation time and guarantees an attractive, even application.
  • Incredible durability: Crafted from high-performance recycled composites, TimberTech Pavers won’t crack, stain, or mold.

Check out our pavers below to find the right type for you.

Resurfacing Pavers

Resurfacing Pavers are designed to be installed directly over an existing surface — think patios, decks, roofs, porches, and walkways.  They are engineered to resist harsh weather, mold, mildew and moisture, and won’t stain or crack.

Permeable Pavers

Permeable Pavers are uniquely engineered to significantly reduce runoff while resisting moisture, mold, and mildew, plus protecting from staining and cracking. These make for a powerful water management system.

Standard Pavers

Standard (or in-ground) Pavers are made from a high-performance blend that protects against moisture, mold, mildew, staining, and cracking. Unlike resurfacing pavers, they apply at ground-contact.

Learn About the Right Paver Glues


TimberTech Pavers are made of durable materials (and up to 95% recycled content) that stave off moisture. These resistant materials limit the adhesives that will bond with the product. That said, certain paver glues work well with the TimberTech patented paver grid system.

Why Use Paver Glues

  • Safety: In certain cases, pavers must be adhered to the grid for security (e.g. cut pavers, wind uplift conditions, around drains or where potential standing water could exist, stairs). Work with a registered TimberTech contractor for all applications where wind uplift is a concern.
  • A secure foot-feel: Paver glues can provide an even more secure foot-feel by keeping each paver fixed-in-place in the grid. This may be preferred for pavers on stairs* and high-traffic areas.
  • Cut-paver confidence: For pavers cut to dimensions smaller than half a paver, adhere the paver to the grid using a recommended adhesive.
  • Installation integrity: For Permeable Pavers, in areas where small pooling occurs, adhesive can be used to affix the pavers to the grids to increase installation integrity.

*Note: When installing pavers on stairs, the paver grid must be fastened to the stair tread with deck screws. See the Installation Guide for more information.

Which Paver Glues to Use

Look for waterproof, professional-grade adhesives that can hold up to intense heat and moisture.

The following paver glues (or paver adhesives) work well with most TimberTech Paver applications:

NOTE: The adhesive bond formed by paver glues, while strong, can be separated if necessary. This allows you to change the orientation/pattern of your pavers if you choose. Because every outdoor living project is different, the best way to ensure proper application is to work with a registered TimberTech contractor.

Step 3: Learn the Right Way to Apply Paver Glues

Different application sites (rooftop, porch, walkway, etc.) may require different application techniques. The following refers to applying TimberTech Pavers generally and should always be referenced in conjunction with the Installation Guide.

  • Using a recommended adhesive, place a ¼-inch bead across the top ribs of the paver grid.
  • Place the paver in the grid and press down firmly.
  • Let pavers sit undisturbed for duration of adhesive cure time.
  • A 28 oz. tube of adhesive will cover approximately 25 square feet.

IMPORTANT: For best results, always try the adhesive on a small portion of the install, then allow for proper curing — the entire duration of the manufacturers’ recommended cure time, or a minimum of 72 hours (whichever is longer), without disruption — before applying to the entire project. Follow all adhesive manufacturers’ installation instructions.

For more information, check out our Installation Guide.

Pave the Way to Enviable Outdoor Living

Our sustainable pavers are engineered to endure the elements all while laying an eye-catching foundation.

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