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10 Luxury Backyard Upgrades for Any Budget

November 09 2016
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Every once in a while, life surprises us with an unexpected windfall of ready cash. No matter the cause—a work bonus, a gift, an inheritance, a home improvement project that miraculously came in significantly under budget—you’re suddenly handed the opportunity to make additional improvements to your home. Why not use those funds to invest in your own happiness, and turn your backyard into a relaxing paradise?   

Here are ten luxury backyard upgrades that can add beauty and  value to your home without breaking the bank. 

#1: Plant Flowers and Shrubs 

Even if you are not looking to spend a great deal more, you can plant flowers and shrubs in your backyard. Perennials are an ideal option, as they will come back even bigger and better next year. Over time, and with practice, you can transform your bare backyard into a colorful escape that’s both private and tranquil. 

 #2: Upgrade Your Seating 

The more beautiful you make your backyard, the more you’re going to want to enjoy it. Nothing is more enticing than cozy outdoor seating. Go with plush chairs, chaise lounges, padded benches, and colorful throw pillows. Don’t forget to add in a café table for enjoying outdoor brunch. 

#3: Accessorize! 

Adding statuary and other outdoor artworks can add character and personalization to your yard. You can also invite Mother Nature to help you add interest to your landscape with wind chimes, a sundial, a rain chain, a bird bath and/or feeder to attract songbirds, and more. Whatever it is, pick something that you love so you can enjoy gazing at it every time you are outside. There are no rules, and you can always change your mind, so enjoy experimenting. 

#4: Install Hardscaping 

Hardscaping can add a wonderful touch to a backyard when it is smartly designed and expertly installed. Not only is it a great  low-maintenance alternative  to grass and shrubs, it can also help you reduce costs over time. Consider adding a winding walkway, a stone wall, walled flower garden, or even an entire patio area. 

#5: Add a Swimming Pool 

If you want to make everybody in the family shout for joy, then put the extra money into an in-ground swimming pool. You’ll appreciate it during those peak summer days, and the pool will be a fantastic feature every time you host a party. Or, if you don’t have the yard space to accommodate a full-sized swimming pool, you can always opt for a luxurious sunken hot tub. 

#6: Install a Water Feature 

Whether it’s the soothing sound of a rushing stream, the gentle splash of a bubbling fountain, or the play of light on the wind-blown ripples of a koi pond, water makes a beautiful, calming addition to outdoor landscapes. Fountains in particular can be practical as well as decorative, as the sound of falling water can muffle unwanted noise from neighbors and nearby traffic, and help to transform your outdoor space into a truly private and serene retreat.  

#7: Build a Fire Pit 

There are few things better than sitting around a crackling fire on a chilly fall or summer evening. It’s the perfect place for roasting marshmallows and sharing family stories. If you don’t want to commit a section of your yard for building a fire-pit, consider a portable, above-ground alternative. 

#8: Add a Deck 

Building a deck onto your home instantly increases your home’s useable space, and chances are that your deck will quickly become one of your family’s favorite places to gather. A  capped polymer deck is an excellent choice, as you can enjoy your deck without having to worry about costly, time-consuming maintenance tasks like painting, staining, and scraping every year. 

#9: Add an Outdoor Structure with Indoor Amenities 

One luxury backyard upgrade that has been growing in popularity is outdoor architectural structures that feature indoor amenities. These structures are open-sided buildings that allow you the pleasure of being outdoors without missing the things you love most, like a big screen TV, plush couches, a fireplace, and more. It’s a great place to watch the big game or enjoy family movie night under the stars. 

#10: Install Frameless Sliding Doors 

Another way you can bring the outdoors inside is to have frameless sliding doors installed on the side of the home that faces the backyard. These doors slide back to create an ultra-wide opening and panoramic views of the backyard. Include this feature along with a new deck and you’ll seamlessly integrate your indoor and outdoor environments for the very best of both worlds.