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Design & Planning

6 Undeniably Inspiring Outdoor Living Trends

July 31 2019
Decking Railing Multi-Width Decking Lighting Porch Porch Appeal

It’s 2019 — You deserve a deck that reflects your style!

Outdoor living spaces should be an extension of your indoor living space. In 2019, the options are endless to create a one-of-a-kind backyard that you’ll never want to leave. TimberTech brings your vision for your outdoor living space to life with plenty of stylish, unique, and long-lasting decking and railing options. Don’t settle for the status quo when TimberTech allows you to make your space status whoa. Get the ideas flowing for your backyard oasis with these hot outdoor living trends sweeping through backyards everywhere.

Let Your Imagination Run Wild

Outdoor Living Trends - Multi-Width Decking.jpg

1. Designing with Multiple Widths

Standard width decking is not the standard anymore. With TimberTech AZEK Multi-Width Decking, you can choose from narrow (3.5”), standard (5.5”), or wide (7.25”) width boards to add a touch of the unexpected — and an element of style. Follow the wide width flooring trend making its way outdoors or try a narrow width deck for something different. Or, mix and match all three widths to really turn up the volume.


Outdoor Living Trends - Personalized Railing.jpg
2. Personalized Railing That Suits Your Style

Railing is no longer an afterthought in fashion forward outdoor living spaces. It’s the first thing that neighbors see and can make a dramatic style statement even from afar. TimberTech provides both traditional and modern styles with the option to mix and match railing colors, materials, and components for a one-of-a-kind look. Go with cable rail for a sleek modern look or mix and match black and white composite railing for a fresh take on classic railing.


Outdoor Living Trends - Personalized Railing-2.jpg

3. Inspiring Inlays

Take your backyard up a notch and get creative by featuring a gorgeous inlay design. This design element can spice up a small space or act an “area rug” to help delineate conversation spaces on larger decks. Use contrasting colors for a dramatic effect or keep it monochromatic for a streamlined look. Go ahead — tap into your adventurous side and pick out patterns that play up your personal style.


Outdoor Living Trends - Mixing Board Colors.jpg
4. Mixing Board Colors

Gone are the days of staining or painting your wood deck all one color. With TimberTech capped composite decking, it’s easy to mix and match board colors to make your outdoor living space pop. Whether it’s a punchy border color or alternating board colors throughout your deck, playing with color can make a major style statement without saying a word.


Outdoor Living Trends - Convert Untraditional Spaces-2.jpg
5. Converting Untraditional Spaces

Decks aren’t limited to just the backyard anymore. Rooftop decks, especially in urban areas, have been growing in popularity over the last few years. Think outside of the box and squeeze a deck into an otherwise wasted space — think alleyways, porches, rooftops, etc. Maximize your home’s living space by adding a rooftop deck and soak in the new views when you’re a few stories up.


Outdoor Living Trends - Add Ambiance with Lighting.jpg
6. Add Ambiance with Lighting

Whether it’s string lights, a fire element, or embedded lights in your deck and railing, it’s clear that lighting is the finishing touch for any cozy outdoor space. Lighting built directly into decks and railing adds charm and functionality to your space while allowing you to set the mood for a dinner party or create ambiance for a relaxing night outdoors.

It’s 2019 and your outdoor living options are endless. Maximize your outdoor living space to suit your unique style and bring you joy day after day. Do decking differently, think outside the box, and let your imagination run wild.