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Design & Planning

7 Ways to Elevate Your Rooftop to the Top of Its Game

October 10 2018
Decking Design & Planning

1. Add Mood Lighting

When the sun goes down, rooftops can be magical places. Strands of bistro lights intertwined around railings are popular because they add just the right amount of sparkle. For a more elegant look, illuminate your deck with a few strategically placed decorative lanterns or candle displays.

2. Consider a Pergola

Rooftops are the new place for pergolas. Covered with foliage or draped with a flowing white sheet, pergolas make a dramatic statement while providing protection from the sun. For larger rooftops, pergolas are useful for segmenting intimate spaces for dining or lounging.

3. Decorate with Plants

When it comes to rooftop furnishing, flowers and plants are a must. Sun-tolerant flowers in fun planters add bold pops of color. Climbing plants on a trellis imbue an urban or suburban space with a more natural aesthetic. Larger containers filled with lush foliage are great for rooftop perimeters. For inspiration, check out Amazing Roof Decks to Copy from Better Homes and Gardens.

4. Arrange Imaginative Seating

A rooftop presents the perfect opportunity to have a little fun. Built-in hammocks, swing beds, or large cushy lounge chairs stand out as whimsical seating trends. Combine one of those with a few practical choices, such as storage benches or cubes that can double as chairs or tables, and you’ve got an entertaining-worthy setting.

5. Go Past Summer

Rooftops are being enjoyed nearly year-round. With autumn here, outfit your deck with a few cozy throws, a heat lamp, or even a fire pit. And don’t forget to add a seasonal cocktail to your repertoire. For some ideas, check out Esquire’s 6 Best Cocktails to Serve this Fall.

6. Upgrade to Synthetic Instead of Wood

More and more contractors and homeowners are choosing synthetic woods, like TimberTech’s capped composite for rooftop decks. The reason? Synthetic boards are engineered to withstand heat and moisture, so they don’t fade, splinter, warp, or split. They’re much lighter than natural wood too.

7. Reach for the Top

For the most ambitious homeowner, a rooftop deck is the place for an over-the-top, at-home getaway. Some even convert theirs into lavish personal resorts complete with pools and a sky bar. Check out these dreamy escapes at HGTV’s Views From the Top: 21 Fabulous Rooftop Decks. One can always dream!

See the Difference

Rooftop spaces invite the homeowner to express their own style and entertaining sensibilities. AZEK building materials create the perfect foundation for any rooftop retreat. For example, low-maintenance boards give you more time to sit back and relax on your stunning new rooftop. To see for yourself, order a sample and we’ll ship it to your door for free.