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Design & Planning

Composite Railing 101: The Power of Perimeters

October 01 2019
Composite Railing 101 - header image

While most of us can immediately recognize a railing when we see one, what we actually see is a group of interconnected components. Learning to identify and recognize these railing components by name gives you the opportunity to consider the design of your railings with a more thoughtful, informed approach, which is super useful when you consider how impactful a railing can be.

Explore the intricacies of composite railings below — and prepare to never look at one the same again.

The Ingredients of Composite Railing

Did you know a railing actually has more than one “rail?” Let’s take a look at the main pieces of a railing system:

When all these parts come together to make a railing, there’s still one more thing to consider: material.

The material choices for railing components have great impact on not only the aesthetics of your deck, but also the performance. At TimberTech, we complement our unique composite railing selections with dependable – and attractive – aluminum railing options. Read on to learn the benefits of both types of railing. 

Composite Railing Benefits

Composite Railing 101 - Benefits of Composite Railing.jpg


Covered by four-sided capping so there’s no annual sanding, staining, sealing, and painting.


Our cap contains zero organic materials, so it repels mold, mildew, and harmful moisture that warps and ruins traditional wood.

Strong & Sturdy

Composite railings stand the test of time against fading, staining, and scratching — and won’t rot, crack, or warp.

Value Added Over Time

Although the initial cost may be higher, when you save on the maintenance that a wood rail requires, a composite rail can end up paying for itself.


Our composite railing products are made from up to 50% recycled materials.

Aluminum Railing Benefits

Composite Railing 101 - Benefits of Aluminum Railing.jpg


With a long-lasting, powder-coated surface there’s no corrosion or breakdowns like there are with traditional wood railings.


Generally considered more durable and moisture-resistant, aluminum is an ideal choice for moisture-rich environments.

Strong & Durable

Aluminum maintains its shape and dimension throughout extreme heat or cold.

Clean Sightlines

The minimal profile and spaces between aluminum railing offer unencumbered views of your environment.

Easier to Install

Not only is it beautiful to look at but it’s also generally easier to install than most rail options.

Find the Right Railing for You

The beauty of a railing’s many parts? So many can be customized to fit your style and space. With so many options, the potential is almost limitless.

Find the Perfect Composite Railing

Start exploring our premium composite railings to begin your deck’s (or porch’s) transformation.