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Design & Planning

Deck Design Ideas: Assortment Pattern

May 31 2019
Design & Planning Decking Deck Patterns
TimberTech AZEK Coastline in Narrow, Standard, and Wide Widths
Style: Reimagined
Complexity: Moderate  Moderate.svg

Mix It Up

Add some variety to your deck design by using multiple widths in the same color for a fun take on traditional decking. Often arranged in a 3-5-7 decking layout (named after the corresponding narrow 3.5”, standard 5.5”, and wide 7.25” boards) the assortment deck pattern complements almost any architectural style, since there are so many ways to make it yours.


Deck Planning Notes

EASY FOR PROS: Expect this to be a faster installation, as this design calls for standard framing; budget in more time for picture framing. Need a deck builder? Contact one of our TimberTech contractors.

SCALE TO YOUR SPACE: A deck with multiple levels or complex shapes may be overwhelmed by the strong look of multiple widths, so this decking layout works best as the main design element.

MULTICOLOR FRIENDLY: Add an unexpected touch by selecting a few random boards to rock a contrasting color in an otherwise single-color deck; the assortment pattern also looks great in a set of colors. Get inspired by checking out popular decking color combinations for TimberTech AZEK and TimberTech PRO

FINISHING TOUCHES: We recommend wrapping the perimeter of the deck with a fascia board — if you do choose to do a picture frame, the best, simplest look is usually achieved using the widest width from the pattern.

Compatible Product Lines

TimberTech AZEK
Vintage Collection (Deck boards available in narrow, standard, and wide widths)

Envision Your Vision

Play with deck shapes and designs to start bringing your dream deck to life.