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Design & Planning

Deck Design Ideas: Picture Frame Pattern

May 31 2019
Design & Planning Decking Deck Patterns
Style: Classic
Complexity: Moderate  Moderate.svg

Worthy of a Frame

Take traditional to the next level and add a picture frame to a single-width deck pattern. This deck pattern element can help define borders and spaces, add visual interest and balance, as well as break up any straight-line monotony you might be feeling (without competing with other elements on your deck such as railing or lighting).


Deck Planning Notes

BEST FOR PROS: This deck design idea requires some additional framing to support the picture frame boards, and some corners call for careful attention — expect this to take extra decking installation time and expertise. Need a deck builder? Contact one of our TimberTech contractors

CONSTRASTING WINS: A complementary color for the frame adds a subtle touch, while an alternative width provides an extra dimension. Get inspired by checking out popular decking color combinations for TimberTech AZEK and TimberTech PRO. For an extra pop of color, match the color of fascia and riser boards to the frame.

SCALE TO YOUR SPACE: The elegant corners created by picture framing show up best on smaller decks where they are more visible.

CONSIDER YOUR OPTIONS: If you like the effect of picture framing, know that it works with all kinds of deck layouts, inlays, and perimeters, not just single-width designs.

Compatible Product Lines

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