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Design & Planning
4 More Reasons to Choose Composite or PVC Decking
July 16 2018
Decking Design & Planning

A new deck will enable you to enjoy nature for years to come. Shouldn’t it be able to survive nature’s wrath? Well, if you’re thinking of choosing composite or PVC decking, rest assured they can withstand the test of time in even the harshest outdoor elements. How? TimberTech is shedding light on the sustainable side of these wood alternatives with four more reasons why homeowners and contractors can feel good about using them.

1. Recycled Content

Our composite decks are not made from virgin wood, but rather with recycled wood fibers and polymers. This is significant when you consider the average wood deck takes about 1.22 trees to build. AZEK saves more than 100,000 trees each year with our PVC and TimberTech composite. Even our packing materials meet the Sustainable Forestry Initiative requirements.

2. Longevity & Durability

Simply put, a TimberTech deck lasts longer—much longer. A recent Freedonia study found wood decks last only about 10 years. TimberTech comes with a 30-Year Limited Warranty, greatly reducing the frequency and need to rebuild and replace traditional wood decking. TimberTech composite materials are scientifically designed to last—no rotting, splintering, cracking, or warping.

3. Clean Manufacturing

Producing TimberTech decking requires a lot less energy compared to logging, transporting and processing natural wood. Using proprietary technology,TimberTech turns 145 million pounds of recycled materials into high-performance building materials. We reclaim and recycle waste during manufacturing to eliminate trash going to landfills, and choose to ship our products by rail, saving thousands of gallons of fuel per year and reducing carbon emissions.

4. No Harsh Chemicals

Traditional wood decking requires routine maintenance with multiple chemicals, including stains, seals and paint, to maintain its integrity.TimberTech decking doesn’t. Not only will these chemicals stay out of the air and off your deck, there will be less manufacturing of those products as well. 

When choosing a decking material, you can rest easy knowing that TimberTech materials are certified by the National Green Building Standard (NGBS). Our products are inspired by nature and beautifully engineered to last. Learn more about our commitment to sustainability.