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Making Sustainability Sustainable

April 23 2019
Sustainability Porch Decking
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This past Monday’s Earth Day was great—one day a year where we focus on the health of this spinning blue planet we call home. But focusing on sustainability for just one day is not enough. The world needs companies to lead the way by making sustainability a core part of their process and products. So at AZEK Building Products we’re challenging our industry—the decking industry—to do more. Led by our mantra to Go Against the Grain, we are pushing the boundaries of what it means to be a sustainability-centric company. Our decking products are made from 100% recycled polymer, offering unrivaled style and versatility. But we are not stopping there. State of the art recycling plants and innovative technologies can revolutionize our industry and help the planet. Because, hey: the only footprints we want to leave are the ones on your deck.

Building Decks. Saving Trees. 

When it comes to saving trees? We’re pushing to be a cut above. In fact, over the past six years, more than one million trees have been saved because customers chose TimberTech Decking over wood. And we’ve specifically designed products to look just like exotic hardwoods like Ipe which is cut from rainforests. Even the wood used in the core of our composite decking products is 100% recycled. And even though that has helped us grow, we want to see every deck built out of sustainable products: ours, our competitors, we don’t care - as long as it saves billions of trees. And seeing that happen, well, that would truly make us a growth industry.

Less Landfill Is More. 

How do we do more for the planet? By making sure there’s less landfill. Every year our companies use more than 145 million pounds of recycled materials and prevent more than 25 million pounds of scrap from going into landfills. And products like our TimberTech Pavers are made from up to 95% recycled material—which means every 500 square feet of TimberTech Pavers prevents approximately 250 truck tires and 7,500 plastic containers from entering U.S. landfills. Hey, that’s pretty fulfilling.

Conserving Water By The Gallon. 

At AZEK, you might call our water conservation program a liquid asset. For example, our TimberTech manufacturing plants in Wilmington, Ohio and Scranton, Pennsylvania recycle and reuse hundreds of gallons of water each day with our unique, closed-loop water filtration system. Making sustainability sustainable means looking at every resource we use and rethinking how we can use it more efficiently.

The Future Is Now. 

The AZEK Building Products commitment to sustainability is immediate—and will continue to grow even stronger in the coming years. We are focused on doubling the amount of our recycled inputs by 2020 for our TimberTech AZEK decking lines. In addition, efforts are being made to achieve the highest recycle level in all the decking industry. Because only by continuing to follow sustainable business and manufacturing practices will our loyal customers not only have beautiful outdoor living spaces, but decks that will stay beautiful for generations to come. We are challenging anyone who makes or buys outdoor living products to Go Against the Grain and make every day Earth Day.