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Installation & Maintenance

Show Your TimberTech Deck Some Love: Winter Snow Care + Cleaning

February 14 2019
Decking Installation & Maintenance

This time of year, much of the country regularly awakens to a glistening wonderland of snowy landscapes—not to mention decks covered in snow. Show your deck some love this season using this refresher on how to best care for your TimberTech decking in the wintertime.

With Valentine's Day here, February is a great time to start showing your appreciation for your deck and the joy it brings you. February is also an especially good time to start planning, caring for, and cleaning your deck before the romantic, al fresco dinner season comes around again.


All TimberTech capped polymer and capped composite decking  is low maintenance by design, so use these tips to protect your investment and keep your deck looking its best for all those the warmer days ahead.

Snow Removal

As beautiful (and safe to leave be) as it is, not everyone wants to let snow pile up on their deck — or may need it cleared as a primary or secondary exit to the home. Plastic shovels are fine to use to clear snow pileup from your decking, but metal shovels or plastic shovels with metal edging can cause damage to the surface. As with any walkway, TimberTech Decking can get slippery in winter weather, and most rock salt products containing calcium chloride can be used without harming your deck or porch surface.

Ice Removal

Rock salt (calcium chloride) products, as mentioned above, are your best bet for melting and removing ice on your decking, just take care to avoid the tinted or color-added ice melts that can stain your deck boards. Also, avoid ice-chipping tools that will damage the surface of your decking. Sand’s grittiness is also harmful when it grinds into the surface, wearing away the intricate wood grain patterns of your TimberTech boards.

Salt Removal

As soon as the weather is warm enough and all the snow and ice has melted away, give your deck a thorough cleaning with a solution of water and TimberTech Deck Cleaner™ — or a mild dish soap, if you’re in a pinch. A power washer with a fan tip nozzle, sprayed in the direction of the brush/grain pattern, can be used at a maximum pressure of 1500 psi for all TimberTech products. Clean small, manageable areas to prevent cleaners from drying on the deck surface, and follow any cleaning with a thorough rinse as residual cleaner left on the deck surface can result in a difficult to remove surface film.

For more tips and tricks to keep your TimberTech decking looking its best year-round, check out our Care & Cleaning section