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Design & Planning

The Highly Engineered TimberTech Decking Advantage

June 10 2017
Decking Design & Planning

There’s a reason that so many homeowners are choosing materials other than wood to build their deck. Capped wood composites are more durable, easier to maintain, and offer longer lasting aesthetics than wood. In addition to being easier to work with, engineered decking is also a better investment than traditional materials, requiring less upkeep and fewer repairs over time—and initial price points to fit a variety of budgets.


Unlike wood, engineered decking is a precisely crafted product. All of our decking is created by blending and heating quality raw materials to forge a plank with the desired characteristics. This is then shaped, cooled, embossed and cut to size. The result is a board that combines the beauty and texture of real wood with superior durability, workability and lasting, low-maintenance performance.


Choosing the right decking can depend on many factors, including color, texture, material and price. Engineered decking falls into two main categories: PVC capped polymer and capped wood composite. Capped polymer decking includes only inorganic materials, which enables superior performance characteristics. TimberTech PRO decking is a capped wood composite and includes recycled wood waste as well, for a “greener” product with more wood-like qualities.


There are many benefits to building your deck with TimberTech PRO capped wood composite products. To name just a few of them:

TimberTech PRO's capped wood composite decking offers everything you love about traditional wood decking, without the hassles and headaches. Instead of wasting time and money to stain, seal, and maintain your deck year-after-year, you can be confident in knowing you have a quality deck with the rich, natural look of hand-scraped wood. With all the varieties of decking materials to choose from, selecting the right one for you can feel daunting. The good news is, with all the advantages of TimberTech decking, there really isn’t a bad choice.