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Design & Planning

Innovative Idea: Use Your Decking as Cladding

June 03 2019
Design & Planning Decking

We love approaching projects with an unconventional perspective; it’s an ethos that led us to discover another use for our industry-leading decking. Here, we explore one of our favorite ways to use TimberTech AZEK to bring together your home’s exterior style, all while protecting it.

What is Cladding?

You probably already know that cladding is an exterior covering. It can be made of aluminum, wood, stone, vinyl, cement, brick—the possibilities are practically endless. Before we talk about our favorite option, let’s talk about what cladding does.

As a covering on a building (such as your house), cladding provides an aestetically pleasing alternative to traditional siding and stone. It is usually part of a cladding system that includes a weather resistant barrier to prevent moisture damage, which is especially important for traditionally built homes with wood framing.

Cladding is a great choice for either defining or tying together the exterior of your home.

AZEK-Vintage-Coastline-Dark-Hickory-Premier-Rail (1).jpg

Decking as Cladding

So how do you make the leap from decking as well, flooring, to decking as something you attach to the side of your house? Well, it’s not such a big leap, especially when you consider the design and functionality of TimberTech decking.

Since cladding can be made from nearly any material, ultra-durable, weather-resistant composite boards are an easy, practical choice for the necessary protection they provide. Unlike some metals, they won’t rust; nor are they porous like stone. And they certainly won’t fade like vinyl (hello 50-Year Fade & Stain Warranty).

Choosing to use TimberTech decking as cladding also gives you the advantage of coordinating your home’s exterior style. Create a cohesive look by choosing complementary colors of your decking and cladding (check out some of our popular color combinations).

TimberTech Options & Advantages

Currently, all of our low-maintenance AZEK decking is rated for use as cladding—including the Vintage, Harvest, and Arbor collections. Between these, you’ll get a range of design options that provide premium hardwood aesthetics, without any of the maintenance. 

AZEK decking as cladding also provides:

  • Superior resistance to mold, mildew, and moisture damage
  • Innovative construction and materials that will not split, splinter, rot, or crack
  • A virtually fastener-free surface for a clean look
  • Protection from our industry-leading warranties, including guarantees against color fading and stains

How to Implement the Look

Interested in making decking as cladding part of your home’s exterior? This is definitely something to discuss with a pro. We offer a few starting points here, so that when you're ready you can reach out to a TimberTech  contractor or dealer to learn more.