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Installation & Maintenance

Make Wood Deck Stain a Thing of the Past

November 06 2019
deck stain deck maintenance

Replacing your dilapidated wood deck with traditional lumber seemed like a good idea when you moved in, but now the costly and laborious maintenance is bogging you down. This article lays out a premium solution to never having to worry about wood deck stain again.

Selecting the right wood deck stain for your outdoor living space can be a pain in the neck – and wallet. With some wood deck stain retailing for over $40 per gallon, it’s important to find the right option for your budget and lifestyle.

Traditional wood decks, including pressure-treated lumbers and environmentally-damaging Brazilian Ipe, require a lot of care, time, and money. These costs are typically much more than most homeowners are willing to commit to their outdoor living space. And can you guess one of the main costs that homeowners don’t take into account?

Wood Deck Stain

When it comes to sanding and staining decks many homeowners wonder: Which wood deck stain is best? How often do I have to apply wood deck stain? Do I have to pressure wash my wood deck beforehand? How long do I leave the wood deck stain undisturbed before my family can use it again?

These are all valid questions that we field regularly. However, our decking never encounters these problems. With TimberTech® Decking, you don’t need wood deck stain – or to even think about wood deck stain ever again.

Ditch Deck Stain for Good

Order a free sample from TimberTech to see (and feel) the difference of low maintenance decking.                                                                        

An Alternative to Wood Deck Stain

The truth is that TimberTech Decking never requires sanding, staining, or sealing. In fact, it’s one of the lowest maintenance decking products in the market. With the specially engineered nature of our capped composite and capped polymer decking, the synthetic cap protects the core of the board without ever needing any touchups or elbow grease.

The color you select for your TimberTech Decking at the time of purchase remains just as beautiful over the years as the day it’s installed. And, it’s backed by the industry’s best warranties.

Warranties That Last a Lifetime

In addition to never needing to sand, stain, or seal TimberTech Decking or Railing, all our products are supported by unrivaled warranties. And not just product warranties. Each decking line comes with advanced Fade & Stain Warranties. It’s a no-brainer to stand behind our scientifically engineered decking that repels fading, staining, and weathering.

At TimberTech, it’s a core value to do things the right way. That leads to products proven to deliver the beauty and longevity that’s promised. So, you don’t have to worry.

Click here to learn more about our warranties. 

Ditch Staining for Sustainability

Wood deck stain is not only costly and demanding of your time and labor but it’s bad for the environment, too. Most wood deck stain emits volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into the air when it evaporates. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) classifies VOCs as products that “include a variety of chemicals, some of which may have short- and long-term adverse health effects.”

Petroleum-based wood deck stain is by far the most damaging to the environment; acrylic and urethane stains contain the highest amounts of petroleum-derived solvents. So, when looking for a wood deck stain, why not save yourself and the planet some harm and choose a decking product that doesn’t require a toxic product to maintain it?

TimberTech goes even further with our commitment to doing the right thing. Our decking and railing products are made up of a majority of recycled materials. TimberTech AZEK is made with up to 54% recycled content and both TimberTech PRO and TimberTech EDGE are made with up to 80% recycled materials.

Plus, no trees are harmed in the making of TimberTech decking. That means saving forests locally and rain forests internationally is just part of our everyday business. Over the last six years, more than one million trees have been saved because customers choose TimberTech Decking over wood.

If that didn’t warm your heart enough, every year our companies use more than 145 million pounds of recycled materials and prevent more than 25 million pounds of scrap from going into landfills.

Say Goodbye to Wood Deck Stain for Good

Stop spending precious time and money messing with wood deck stain and never waste precious family time on sanding, staining, and sealing a wood deck again.

Start reclaiming your Saturdays and start saving the planet by not cutting down trees while cutting down on toxic VOC fumes.

Ready to get started on your new outdoor living space?

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