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A Better Porch for a Better Home

A porch is often the first part of a house that people see. Let’s paint a full picture of what a porch does for your home and how we can help make it picture-perfect. After all, a lot goes into first impressions.

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Porch Benefits

The porch is a greeting spot, outdoor seating space and prime spot to amp up your curb appeal. It’s ideal for giving visitors and neighbors a welcoming glance into your home.

Porch Trends

Steeped in tradition, porches are setting new trends in building and remodeling. Homeowners will benefit from refreshing contemporary ideas and the latest technologies that enhance curb appeal while reducing exterior maintenance. Learn more about design options, upgrades and accents to the porch that will enliven any home.

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Discover Porch Styles

Farmhouse / Southern Estate

An engaging entryway and shaded sitting space with a rustic American style that’s organically tinged with Southern hospitality.

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A formal entryway teeming with elegance. Dramatically transforms a small front space into a big first impression to elevate the overall picture.
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Binds to the principles of symmetry, formality and elegant décor, with columns playing a starring role.
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Create a best-of-both-worlds porch with indoor features in an outdoor setting. Consider amenities not usually seen on porches such as a fireplace and formal furniture. Enjoy an exterior living space with interior perks.
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All Our Complementary Porch Products

From ceiling to steps

TimberTech composite porch boards amplify your home's curb appeal with magnificent design and enduring strength. Choose from an array of colors and board widths to give your porch the beautiful, stylish base it deserves.

Railing is a unique part of the porch to show off your stylish tastes. TimberTech's treasury of design options constructed from durable materials ensure your railing is as safe as it is stunning.

Beautiful, crisp and clean trim from AZEK Exteriors gives porches complementary framing second to none. Workable, paintable and easily shaped, these enduring products stay strong with almost no upkeep.

Give your porch supports a feeling of grandeur and symmetry with decorative columns. VERSATEX column wraps are easily installed and built to last. Just wrap and snap. Four panels fit securely around columns for an extra layer of protection and beauty.

Use AZEK Beadboard for a paintable, bright white base to your porch's ceiling and soffits. Get the same moisture resistance and UV protection with the same minimal maintenance found in AZEK Trim.

Adorn your porch in a beautiful woodgrain decor with the durability of PVC. Use the Canvas Series from VERSATEX on ceilings, soffits, accent walls and more.

Personalized elegance and sophisticated framing for your windows from AZEK Exteriors. Available in seven gorgeously prepared designs, all easily assembled and installed.

Setting the mood is a cinch. Energy-efficient lighting is easy to add throughout all parts of the porch to keep it inviting at all hours. Consider lighting on your railing and stairs for both safety and aesthetics.

Create Porch Memories

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Porch Stories

Read more stories about design, ideas and inspirations for your porch.

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