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Impression Rail

Made of durable, long-lasting aluminum, this railing system has a clean, minimalist design and offers unobstructed views. Bring the look of classic cast iron to your outdoor living space.

Configure your railing to suit your style. See options.

No samples are available. Visit your local dealer or retailer to see this railing up close.

Impression Rail™
Low Maintenance

Durable aluminum that won’t rust and never requires painting.

Strong and Durable

Constructed with durability and longevity in mind.

Long-Lasting Beauty

Resists staining and scratching. Backed by a 25-Year Limited Warranty.


Unrivaled resistance to moisture damage and resists fading, so you don’t have to worry about deterioration from the elements.

Easily Customizable

Choose from a variety of colors, posts, and post caps. Mix it up by adding composite railing post sleeves and top rail options to create a unique look.

Rail Panel Kit

Material for one straight rail section (available in 6′, 8′, and 10’ sections in 36″ and 42” rail heights) with rectangular aluminum balusters

Stair kits sold in 8’ lengths only

Rectangular Aluminum Baluster

2″ x 2″ Posts

Colors: Black and Bronze
Lengths: 37″, 43″, 54″;
Over the Post 36″ level or Stair

3″ x 3″ Skirt

Colors: Black | Bronze

Outside Dimension Cap = 3.34″ & 2.36″
Outside Dimension Skirt = 4.91″ & 3.88″

Caps & Skirts

2″ x 2″ Post Cap
Colors: Black | Bronze

3″ x 3″ Post Cap
Colors: Black | Bronze

2″ x 2″ Skirt
Colors: Black | Bronze

3″ x 3″ Skirt
Colors: Black | Bronze

Outside Dimension Cap = 3.34″ & 2.36″
Outside Dimension Skirt = 4.91″ & 3.88″

Post Sizes

2″ x 37″ (36″ railing)

2″ x 43″ (42″ railing / 36″ stair)

2″ x 54″ (42″ stair)

3″ x 38″ (36″ railing)

3″ x 44″ (42″ railing / 36″ stair)

3″ x 54″ (42″ stair)


Rectangular Aluminum Baluster

Angle Brackets

To accomplish various angles, TimberTech offers a 45 degree, 22.5″ degree, and a site cut bracket (any angle up to 45 degrees).

Must be used with the 3″ post.
To accomplish angles other than 90-degrees with a 2″ post, you’d need to ‘double-post’ a corner.
Brackets are packed with 4 brackets and screw sets per pack (2 top–L&R; 2 bottom–L&R).
Stair kits include fixed brackets for 35-degree stairs.
Pivot stair brackets are also available for steep or shallow angle stairs or ramps.

Fastener Kit

For Composite Top Rails and Post Sleeves:

Includes fasteners required for upgrades with composite railing.
Upgrade Impression Rail by adding composite top rails (TimberTech Premier, Trademark, or Reserve).
Upgrade Impression Rail by adding a composite post sleeve.
TimberTech top rails require the use of composite post sleeves for straight applications, and the 5.5″ post sleeve or larger for angles.

Questions About installation?

We’re here to assist you with videos, guides, and more. View installation help.

Best Warranty Coverage

TimberTech railing is engineered the right way, to last. Coverage includes a 25-Year Limited Warranty. See full warranty details.

What style category does the Impression Rail™ fall into?

Impression Rail is sleek and modern, the perfect minimal railing to blend in with the rest of your outdoor space.

What is included in the Impression Rail Kit?

Rail Kits include aluminum top and bottom rails, hardware, and rectangular balusters. Impression Rail can also be used with composite post sleeves and RadianceRail top rail for customization.


Impression Rail™ Railing System

See how the components come together

Step 1: Select Top Rail

Railing Configurator Impression Rail Top Rail Selection

Step 2: Select Infill

Railing Configurator Impression Rail Express Select Infill

Step 3: Select Post Sleeves and Caps

Railing Configurator Impression Rail Select Post Sleeve

What Defines Impression Rail?

Clean, Minimalist Design

With hidden fasteners and the look of classic wrought iron. Traditional or transitional; this railing fits your style.

Sleek & Secure

Thanks to a sturdy, reliable design that promotes safety while staying attractively minimalist.

Clear Sightlines

Via an unassuming, versatile design that won’t compete with your design scheme, or obstruct your view.

Get Inspired

See how others have transformed their outdoor living spaces.

Customize Your Look

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