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Permeable Pavers

Composite permeable pavers are slip resistant and specially designed to drastically reduce runoff for better alternative to concrete.


Visit your local dealer or retailer to see and learn more about this product.

Permeable Redwood

Drastically Reduces Runoff 
Paver joints are filled with small stones and independently tested at an infiltration rate of over 480 inches per hour. 


Sustainable Strength 
Made from 95% post-consumer recycled materials for an eco-friendly alternative to conventional pavers.  


Engineered to Last 
Resistant to extreme weather, mold, mildew, moisture, stains, scratches, and cracking. No sealing required. 

Designed to Inspire 
Choose from five colors, three paver sizes, and a variety of patterns so you can find the perfect fit for your home.  


ADA Compliant 
Manufactured with spacer lugs that are engineered to maintain a precise 0.275″ space between pavers, ensuring American Disability Act compliance. 


Fast and Easy Installation 
Our patented grid system reduces installation time by two-thirds when compared to conventional pavers.




Length & Width 

Available in 4"x 8"

Questions About Installation?

We’re here to assist you with videos, guides, and more. View installation help


The Best Warranty Coverage

TimberTech products are engineered the right way, to last. Our high-performance pavers are backed by a 10-year Limited Warranty, and a no crack guarantee when used in residential applications. See full warranty details.


Can TimberTech Pavers be driven on?

Yes, under certain conditions. Standard and Permeable Pavers can be used for low-volume, low-speed vehicular traffic such as driveways and parking lots. Resurfacing Pavers are not suitable for any vehicular traffic.

Can pavers be used with a snow melt system?

TimberTech Pavers have shown moderate success with different hydronic and electric snow-melt systems when the temperature is above 15 degrees Fahrenheit. Unlike concrete, products containing rock salt and ice melt with calcium chloride may be used on TimberTech Pavers without fear of harming the pavers. These products generally deteriorate concrete, and may void their warranty.

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