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Enduring Beauty: High Performing Open Jointed Cladding Systems

This course encourages participants to think outside the box and consider using polymer cladding as a material to create aesthetic, enduring, and moisture resistant rainscreens that will better protect buildings and its occupants. We will discuss other more commonly used products and the issues faced with each. We will also consider life cycle costs of various cladding options, including polymer. Finally, participants will leave with a thorough understanding of how to install polymer extrusions as cladding. We will explore doing so on different substrates, detailing around openings, transitions between differing cladding materials and how to handle joints between cladding components with the goal of using polymer as a resource to promote health, safety, and welfare of both people and the environment.

Learning Objectives: 
  • Compare and contrast PVC as a cladding material that may be used in creative solutions
  • Discuss the product's credibility, longevity, functionality, enhanced aesthetics, and design flexibility of open jointed cladding solutions to better protect the building and its occupants
  • Address the life cycle advantages and the sustainable features of high performing open jointed cladding solutions that contributes to the health, safety, and welfare of people
  • Examine installation tips and analyze appropriate applications of polymer to benefit both the environment and people

Provider: Ron Blank & Associates
Program: AZK07A
Length: 1 hour
Credits: 1 learning unit hour
Health, safety & welfare: Yes

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