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Deck Design Trends: Eclectic Sophistication

Design & PlanningDeck Design Trends: Eclectic Sophistication May 31, 2019 Home › Trends Eclectic sophistication lets you add a touch of the unexpected to make otherwise traditional designs pop, with details that make all the difference. Set your foundation by taking inspiration from classic design, and then follow your whims to incorporate fun elements that […]

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Deck Design Trends: Industrial Chic

Design & PlanningDeck Design Trends: Industrial Chic May 31, 2019 Home › Trends A careful balance of vintage and contemporary, raw and refined—industrial chic effortlessly brings multiple styles together. This decking trend gives a nod to old factories with elements like concrete and railroad-like lines, yet uses luxurious finishes and patterns to make your outdoor […]

rustic timbertech decking

Deck Design Trends: Rustic Charm

Design & PlanningDeck Design Trends: Rustic Charm May 31, 2019 Home › Trends Bring rustic charm to your deck by balancing decorative elements with the lush surrounding ones. Bold, earthy colors and textures wow up close and in connection with amazing views. Start with a dark wood deck, a sturdy railing, and build the look […]

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