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September 18, 2020
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With the views you’d expect from a balcony but the floor space of a traditional deck, a second-story outdoor living space is both a beautiful and inviting addition to your home. The not-so-welcome addition? Rainwater. Accumulated moisture left to collect can lead to mold and mildew growth. That’s where a DrySpace™ under deck water management system* comes in.

DrySpace collects and channels moisture and storm water so you can make the most of the area below your second-story deck. With DrySpace, you double the outdoor living space and ditch the water damage.

What Is a DrySpace Under Deck Water Management System?

DrySpace under deck water management system doubles your outdoor living space

DrySpace collects and re-directs rainwater and other moisture to keep your deck and your home’s exterior enduringly beautiful. An attractive and expertly engineered vinyl application, DrySpace covers the otherwise-exposed joists of your second-story deck for a polished, protective finish.

DrySpace is easy to install using common tools like a miter saw, tape measurer, and shears. (For a full list of the tools needed to install your DrySpace under deck water management system, consult the DrySpace™ Installation Guide.)

Three easy-to-install interlocking components work together in your DrySpace system to redirect rainwater and can be applied to either a new deck, or retrofitted to an existing deck.

3 Elements, 1 DrySpace Under Deck Solution

Combo Bracket in Bone

Combo Brackets

Single and double combo brackets go over the joists.

F-Bracket in Bone


Run along the ledger board and connect to the combo brackets.

V-Panel in Bone


Snap into the brackets, channeling water away from the home.

The Benefits of a DrySpace Under Deck Installation

Why choose a DrySpace under deck water management system? The benefits are many.

DrySpace Under Deck Water Management System by TimberTech

DrySpace: Double the Space, Ditch the Rainwater

  • Easily installed on a new deck, or retrofitted to an existing deck.
  • Resists mold and mildew so your build maintains its structural integrity.
  • Channels moisture away from your home and away from your deck’s substructure.
  • Expands your outdoor living space.
  • Polishes your home’s facade with a clean, finished ceiling look.
  • Weathers any storm thanks to solid extruded vinyl for maximum strength, durability, and moisture resistance.

Ideas for Your New Ground-Floor Outdoor Living Space

Because a DrySpace under deck water management system doubles your livable outdoor space, you can also double your creativity — and functionality. Take advantage of the protection DrySpace affords with those additions you’d typically associate with the indoors: permanent dining and/or kitchen fixtures, overhead fans, and more.

DrySpace under deck sitting area

A Cozy Sitting Area

Thanks to the moisture-banishing overhead protection of a DrySpace system, you can craft an inviting gathering space you won’t have to pack up in a storm.

DrySpace under deck permanent dining

Permanent Dining

DrySpace lets you enjoy modern backyard ideas like permanent dining and even kitchen-inspired options (like counters, sinks, or storage) right out your backdoor.

DrySpace Under Deck System Allows for Outdoor Electronics

Convenient Electronics

Enjoy a gentle breeze on a hot summer day or even catch the game thanks to the protection of a DrySpace system.

Working with a contractor is the best way to ensure your overall project plans are expertly executed. Find the right local contractors with our locator software and prepare for both moisture-free, no-worries outdoor living.

*AZEK’s use of the mark DRYSPACE is with the consent of DrySpace, Inc., in Cedar Rapids, Iowa ( AZEK and DrySpace, Inc. are not affiliated in any way. Neither company warrants the goods or services of the other.

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