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Under Deck Ideas for a Design-Savvy Space

October 1, 2021
Finishing under deck areas with under deck ideas by TimberTech

Looking for under deck ideas for your outdoor living space? The options for finishing your under deck area varies depending on whether you have:

  • A second-story deck (tall enough for people to stand under, typically about 8’ to 9’ tall).
  • A lower deck (too short for people to stand under, but with enough space between the substructure and ground that you might prefer not to keep it open).

 No matter your deck’s height, finishing under deck spaces has several benefits.

Benefits of Finishing Under Deck Areas

Expands your outdoor living space (for second-story decks)

Keeps pests and debris out of your under deck area (for lower decks)

Gives your deck a complete, polished look (both)

Explore under deck ideas for decks of varying heights to find the right solution for your space.  

Under Deck Ideas for Second-Story Decks

Under deck ideas for second story decks

Second-story decks, including balcony decks, are tall enough to host an entire secondary outdoor living space below, giving you lots of underneath deck ideas to choose from to complete your space.

Finishing under deck areas with a shady lounge

Create a Shady Lounge Area

Add outdoor living room furniture such as a couch, chairs, and a coffee table to create a cozy, shady place to relax in. For a breeze on muggy days and lighting for the evenings, install a ceiling fan to the “ceiling” beneath your deck. Your fan blades will need to be at least 7′ above the floor to pass building codes. And be sure to choose a wet-rated fan for optimal outdoor performance.*

Finishing under deck areas with a reading nook

Create a Cozy Reading Nook

Create a cozy outdoor reading nook or a spot to escape the afternoon heat underneath your deck.

Optimize the cozy feeling with underneath deck ideas like a lounge chair to recline on, an accent table to hold your tea, and overhead lighting to illuminate the space.

Finishing under deck areas with a built-in kitchen and bar

Build an Outdoor Kitchen & Bar

If you love entertaining come rain or shine, consider adding a built-in bar and kitchen area under your deck. Provide ample seating options with a dining table for sit-down dinners and bar stools for more casual get-togethers.

*NOTE: Be sure to follow local building codes when selecting and installing electrical appliances for use outdoors. Work with a qualified contractor to ensure your appliances are installed correctly.

Keep in mind, that while your under deck area is protected from above, inclement weather can still blow in from the sides, so it’s important to always choose outdoor-rated furniture and appliances.

Protect Your Under Deck Area With DrySpace™

When finishing under deck spaces, DrySpace™ keeps the area clean and dry — and is simple enough to DIY.*

*TimberTech’s use of the mark DRYSPACE is with the consent of DrySpace, Inc., in Cedar Rapids, Iowa (www.dryspace.com). TimberTech and DrySpace, Inc. are not affiliated in any way. Neither company warrants the goods or services of the other.

Finishing Under Deck Spaces on Lower Decks

Under deck ideas including finishing under deck areas with skirting

These underneath deck ideas give you the final polished look you want while also helping to keep critters and debris out.

Under Deck Ideas With Deck Skirting

Fascia and skirting labeled on TimberTech composite deck

Deck skirting is traditionally made up of boards that run between the deck and ground.

Deck skirting is related to, but distinct from, deck fascia boards. Deck fascia covers the wood perimeter joist of the deck frame and is sometimes called a “rim joist cover.”

Under deck ideas featuring deck skirting options come in many forms beyond deck and fascia boards, from lattices to landscaping and more.

Under deck ideas with

Under Deck Storage Space

For a space that’s both beautiful and functional, consider adding hinged panels to your skirting so you can use your under deck space as a storage unit — or even a kid’s play area.  

Photo courtesy of @dans_carpentry on Instagram.

Before you install deck skirting, make sure you are familiar with the material’s installation requirements.

Deck or Fascia Boards

Using deck or fascia boards is one of the most common deck skirting options. There are two main ways you can apply the boards — and with multiple deck board colors and combinations, you can create a look all your own.

Under deck areas with deck skirting boards installed vertically

Boards Installed Vertically

Install deck or fascia boards vertically, running from the ground to your deck surface. Vertical boards help to visually elongate the side of your deck, making it appear taller.

Keep your decking colors the same for your deck surface, skirting boards, and fascia trim for a minimalist look, or opt for a mix of colors to create a unique design.

Under deck ideas featuring deck skirting boards installed horizontally

Boards Installed Horizontally

Install deck or fascia boards horizontally along your deck’s perimeter for a defined linear look.

Opt for white PVC trim for your fascia to create a clean, crisp border. Pair the white with richly-hued decking for a striking, high-contrast look.

Inspired by Nature, Innovated for You

Choose TimberTech® capped polymer and capped composite decking for a real wood look without the maintenance.

Other Skirting Options

Looking for something beyond deck or fascia boards for your skirting? These underneath deck ideas offer alternative options.

Under deck ideas for finishing under deck spaces with latticework


Want a more delicate look for your deck skirting? Go for lattice panels. Finishing under deck spaces with latticework allows plenty of air circulation under the deck while still helping to keep out larger critters and debris. Pair crisp white PVC trim used as fascia with matching white lattice panels or go for contrast with darkly stained or painted lattice panels.   

Under deck ideas featuring landscaping as skirting

Landscaping Around Your Deck

Looking for softer, more natural underneath deck ideas for your skirting? Landscaping around your deck blocks the view of your under deck area while providing a leafy border that blends in with the natural surroundings.   Choose tall, lush edging plants like hedges or bushes, and add more color and texture with other flowers and foliage.

Under deck ideas featuring wraparound stairs

Wraparound Stairs

While not technically a deck skirting option, wraparound stairs give you a similar, polished look. Wraparound stairs, especially those on low decks that don’t require a railing, give your deck a more open feeling, which is ideal for smaller builds.

Covered Deck Feature Ideas

Alternative under deck ideas featuring covered deck features

Have a lower deck, but still want the sense of enclosure provided by an under deck space? Add a covered deck feature such as a pergola, awning, or roof extension to your deck.

Alternative under deck ideas featuring a pergola for low decks


Pergolas are elegant structures with slatted roofs that are perfect for string lights, climbing plants, or a shade canopy.

Alternative under deck ideas featuring an awning


Extend an awning from your home or other structure over the deck for shade and light weather protection.

Alternative under deck ideas featuring a roof extension

Roof Extension

A roof extension is a striking architectural feature that gives you full overhead protection from the elements.

Bring Your Under Deck Ideas to Life

Ready to start planning for your under deck space? Partner with a TimberTech-registered contractor who can work with you to ensure your under deck ideas come to life just the way you envision.  

Bring the Beauty of TimberTech to Your Backyard

Work with one of our registered contractors for a build that transforms your outdoor living space.

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