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5 Under Deck Ideas for a Design-Savvy Space

February 24, 2021

If you’re the owner of a second-story deck, you know that the area below your second-story or balcony deck is a spot to spend treasured time with loved ones and show off your design creativity. Even if you don’t yet have a second-story deck — or if you aren’t sure what treatment might be right for your raised single-story deck — we have the under deck ideas and inspiration you need.

1.) Finish Your Under Deck Area to Extend Your Outdoor Living Space

One of the major benefits to a second-story deck is that it provides the protective rooftop of a porch and allows you to extend the square footage of your outdoor living space.

Due to the overhead protection, your under deck ideas can include many interior design elements you enjoy in your home including:

TimberTech AZEK Vintage Collection Coastline Outdoor living area
  • Outdoor-rated, lounge-ready furniture inspired by interior pieces like couches and accent chairs.
  • Throw pillows to create visual interest and dimension.
  • Outdoor entertainment such as a TV or projector screen, so long as all electronics can be stowed and outlets are well away from the elements.

Remember: It’s important to make sure you’re able to easily move and safely store furniture and entertainment appliances. Depending on where you live, intense inclement weather such as rain and snow can still penetrate your under deck area from the sides.

2.) Create a Cozy Reading Nook Below Your Balcony Deck

Under deck ideas Vintage Collection Coastline TimberTech

One of the simpler, but no less impactful, under deck ideas is to create a cozy reading nook underneath your deck.

Escape the heat of the afternoon sun or snuggle up with a good book in a cozy corner under your deck. Go with a lounge chair to recline on, an accent table to hold your tea, and overhead lighting to illuminate your reading nook.

3.) Enjoy a Shady Escape on Sunny Days

Under deck ideas Legacy Collection TimberTech PRO Ashwood

Perfect for a Craftsman-style or coastal-inspired home, a finished under deck area laden with inviting seating can serve as a shaded cabana oasis. With the second-story deck providing protection from above, you can enjoy the beautiful outdoors without the sun — or rain — beating down on you.

Even better? There’s no need to pack up the laughter and lemonade when the sun sets — under deck areas are practically made for outdoor lighting.

Decking with accent lighting TimberTech PRO Tigerwood

Keep the Conversation Going After Sunset

One of the great things about a finished under deck area is the option to add atmosphere-enhancing lighting.

Outdoor lighting can range from temporary choices, like twinkle lights, to more permanent fixtures, like pendants. As the stars come out, keep the conversation going and your footsteps safely lit with these ideas from our lighting portfolio.

4.) Complete Your Single-Story Deck With Skirting

TimberTech AZEK Vintage Collection English Walnut Deck

Just because you might not have a second-story deck doesn’t mean that you don’t still need under deck ideas for a polished final product. Deck skirting is an aesthetically pleasing finish to your raised deck and immediately elevates your home’s curb appeal.

Composite Deck Skirting & Fascia TimeberTech

What Is Deck Skirting?

Traditionally, deck skirting is made up of the boards (or sometimes, lattice) that run perpendicular to the deck surface and the ground.  Deck skirting is related to, but distinct from, deck fascia boards. Deck fascia covers the wood perimeter joist of the deck frame and is sometimes called a "rim joist cover.”

Skirting: Under Deck Finish, Elevated Style

Skirting hides the appearance of your deck substructure and your yard beneath the deck. The result of deck skirting? A visually unified space marked by intentional design. 

Terrain Brown Oak Rail Steps

5.) Keep Your Under Deck Area Dry With DrySpace™

DrySpace Under Deck Water Management System TimberTech

Don’t yet have a water management system installed under your deck? With the right under deck water management system, you can:

  • Prevent water from trickling between your deck boards.
  • Minimize the risk of mold and mildew growth at the substructure level.
  • Enjoy greater design flexibility.
  • Enjoy your outdoor living space rain or shine.

Keep your under deck area dry with Dryspace™, our under deck water management system that collects and redirects rainwater.

DrySpace & TimberTech PRO Reserve Collection Decking in Dark Roast

Why Install DrySpace?

DrySpace offers several benefits, both functionally and aesthetically:

  • Straightforward installation.
  • Gives you a clean, finished ceiling look.
  • Made to last thanks to durable extruded vinyl material.
  • Protects the area below your deck and gives you free rein to design the space just the way you want it.

*AZEK’s use of the mark DRYSPACE is with the consent of DrySpace, Inc., in Cedar Rapids, Iowa ( AZEK and DrySpace, Inc. are not affiliated in any way. Neither company warrants the goods or services of the other.

Now that you have the inspiration you need, it’s time to start planning your under deck space. Since DrySpace is a proven means of protecting the furniture, electronics, and/or lighting beneath your second-story deck, we recommend integrating a water management system into the plans for your under deck ideas.

Partner with a TimberTech-registered contractor who can ensure DrySpace is installed correctly so your under deck space — and its furnishings — remain dry and protected.

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