Amplifying Sustainability at Rock the Garden

At TimberTech, we think sustainability rocks. And not in a “drum circle” kind of way. Sustainability rocks in a “shredding a solo in front of hundreds of fans with your teeth” kind of way. If sustainability was a band, our bedroom would be plastered in their posters. So that’s why we’re partnering with Rock the Garden to amplify our sustainability efforts.

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Rock the Garden is a one-day outdoor music festival in Minneapolis presented by local public radio station and hipster phenomenon 89.3 The Current. The lineup is packed with a total of eight concerts that range from local acts like Bad Bad Hats to chart-toppers like Courtney Barnett and The National. But aside from being a great time with food trucks and beer gardens and, again, The National, it’s also a sustainable event.

It’s zero-waste, which means instead of throwing all their garbage into a landfill, it will be either recycled or composted. Plus, they’re providing free public transportation, which cuts emissions from people driving AND they’re encouraging people to bring their own water bottles, which they can refill for free at the festival. That’s not an opening act. That’s a super group of sustainability.

As a leading sponsor of Rock the Garden, TimberTech helps make all these initiatives happen. Like a wise producer, we can see the potential impact of these initiatives, and we’re more than happy to give them a shot in hopes that they’ll catch on. And while the event is happening, we’ll be there to talk to attendees about how they can bring sustainability to their own backyards.

If that wasn’t enough, it’s all going down in a place that’s world-famous for going against the grain. Minneapolis’s Walker Art Center is a hub of groundbreaking thought and culture, and its sculpture garden is renowned for its larger-than-life artworks. We’re hoping all this thought-provoking music and art gets people thinking about how they can go green.

But that’s all just one small part of our sustainability efforts. Here’s some other things we’re doing to build a better future-from our factory floor to your backdoor:

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Saving Trees

Trees rock. And since we only use 100% recycled wood in our products, homeowners who choose TimberTech have been able to save over 1 million trees in the past six years alone. It’s a performance we wouldn’t mind seeing repeated.

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Cutting Waste

Every year, we reuse more than 145 million pounds of recycled materials and prevent another 25 million pounds of scrap from entering landfills. Now if only we could get people to stop wasting space on their phones with recordings of live shows they’ll never watch again.

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Conserving Water

Unlike musical talent, water is a finite resource. That’s why our manufacturing plants recycle and reuse hundreds of gallons of water each day with our unique closed loop water filtration system.

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