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We Take Doing the Right Thing Seriously

TimberTech — and The AZEK Company as a whole — is dedicated to converting the building products industry from its uninspiring past to its vibrant and sustainable future. As the industry-leading manufacturer of beautiful, low-maintenance building products, we’re committed to accelerating — and celebrating — the use of recycled materials in our outdoor living products.

Doing the right thing is a core value at The AZEK Company; that’s why each day we work toward furthering not only the amount of recycled materials in our products but reversing the negative impact the building industry traditionally wreaks on our planet.

Sustainable Deck Materials-Beautifully Engineered to Last
Animated GIF of TimberTech board with recyclable core
Sustainability Is at Our Core

When we say we’re sustainable to the core, that’s exactly what we mean. Up to 100% of the wood and plastic in the cores of our capped composite deck boards is made from recycled materials, making the entire board comprised of up to 80% recycled content. And because we focus on doing the right thing, it’s important to us that the quality and integrity of the cap and core aren’t compromised in the process. The same goes for our capped polymer boards — which are made with up to 54% recycled materials.

And we’re not stopping there. At TimberTech, we’re committed to doing whatever it takes to up our eco-friendly game — like investing in a state-of-the-art recycling plant, increasing the amount of recycled content in each decking line, repurposing the scraps from our board-making process back into production, and deliberately sourcing hard-to-recycle materials that would traditionally end up in landfills.

Our Sustainable Deck Materials by the Numbers

Our 2020 Vision

In 2019, The AZEK Company unveiled our 100,000-plus square-foot, cutting-edge recycling facility in Wilmington, Ohio. This eco-friendly space is dedicated to turning recycled materials into gorgeous, long-lasting, and low-maintenance outdoor living products.

In the Roaring Twenties, we plan to crank up our sustainability commitment significantly. We’ve started producing products that contain a majority of recycled material. And, as part of our commitment to go green-er, we’re striving to incorporate more hard-to-recycle materials into our decking lines, starting with our capped polymer decking in the TimberTech® AZEK® line. This update in our capped polymer decking will allow us to continue to innovate when it comes to sustainability.

Bringing Sustainable Deck Materials to Life

We have six manufacturing and recycling facilities across the United States that account for 1.7 million square feet of incredibly sustainable production.

So, how do we turn piles of garbage like this…

Sustainable Deck Materials-Before.jpg
… into beautiful decks like this?

Sustainable Deck Materials-The End Product.jpg

Like most of the things we do, it starts with technology. We incorporated advanced technologies from Europe, the leader in sustainability and recycling, into our manufacturing line for peak efficiency. This innovation allows us to turn recycled products into raw materials that we can then mold into beautiful composite decking, porch, and railing.

We also leverage energy-efficient systems for power, water, heating/cooling, and lighting at the plant, which makes it even more sustainable. On top of that, we use a unique closed-loop water filtration system across our manufacturing plants, allowing us to recycle and reuse hundreds of gallons of water each day.


Our commitment to sustainability never impacts the quality of our deck boards. Order a FREE sample to see — and feel — the TimberTech difference for yourself.

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