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We are relentlessly focused on sustainability. That’s why we are working hard to achieve the highest level of recycling in the decking industry. In fact, our new recycling plant is leading the way, as we get ever closer to our goal of making 95% of all TimberTech decking from recycled materials.


Starting Strong

Today, all AZEK Pavers are made from up to 95% recycled material, and the core of all composite PRO and EDGE deck boards is made with 100% recycled resin. Yet we’re committed to doubling our recycled inputs for all capped polymer materials by 2020.

A New Beginning

On Earth Day 2019, we opened a new 100,000+ square foot recycling plant that transforms shampoo bottles, milk jugs, plastic wrap, and more into our signature composite decking material. In its first full season of operation alone, it is expected to recycle 55 million pounds of plastic.

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Efficient Manufacturing

Our newest facility also features energy-efficient systems for power, heating/cooling, and lighting. All of our manufacturing plants employ a unique, closed-loop water filtration system that reuses and recycles hundreds of gallons of water every day.

The Impact of Your Choice

More than one million trees have been saved because customers chose TimberTech decking over wood, and every 500 square feet of AZEK Pavers diverts 250 truck tires and 7,500 plastic containers from landfills.

Making Sustainability Sustainable
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