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When it comes to designing your ideal outdoor living space, there’s a lot to consider – from finding the right colors and finishes, to locking down board patterns and your deck layout. That’s why we’re here to help you transform your vision into real life decking designs.

Experience Our Decking Designs Up Close

See our decking designs for yourself. Browse our deck board selection and get samples delivered to your door – for free!

Play With Pattern

Great decking designs are more than just the color(s) and finish of the boards. Take your design to the next level by using the slider to explore deck layouts by complexity.

Bring Your Deck Designs to Life

Whether you lean toward standard patterns, more complex decking designs, or styles that are completely unique, our deck design software can help you envision your ideal outdoor space.

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Take Your Design to the Next Dimension

Standard-width decking is not the standard anymore. We’ve added wide- and narrow-width boards to our collection of standard-width boards to add a touch of the unexpected – and an element of style.

TimberTech is leading the movement to bring the wide-width flooring trend to the outdoors. We were the first in the industry to offer Multi-Width Decking and we know a thing or two about bringing this look to life. So, tap into the classic vibe with narrow-width decking or turn up the volume on your deck design by mixing all three widths.

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Find the Railing That Suits Your Style

Amazing decking designs are more than great-looking, innovative boards; they also require the right complementary pieces – including railing.

Create one-of-a-kind looks with contrasting top rail colors and infill options – or keep it classic with sleek, matching railings. TimberTech® Railing gives decking designs endless options for you to complete your space.

Looking for More Inspiration?

Check out more great deck and railing design ideas.

Railing with post cap lights from TimberTech's Radiance Rail Express product line

Go Against the Grain®

Open the door to distinct possibilities and step up to something better. TimberTech is all about industry-leading innovation, endless decking designs, and (of course) cutting-edge tech. Because there’s composite; and then there’s TimberTech.

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