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Innovative TimberTech Multi-Width Decking takes your design from classic to curated.

TimberTech AZEK Multi-Width Decking

Do Decking Differently®

Standard-width decking is not the standard anymore. You can now choose wide (7.25″) or narrow (3.5″) widths, in addition to standard (5.5″)-width boards, to add a touch of the unexpected – and an element of style. Follow the wide-width flooring trend making its way outdoors. Tap into the classic vibe with narrow width decking. Or, turn up the volume on your deck design by mixing all three widths.

Harvest Slate Gray Wide Width Multi Width Decking

Harvest Goes Wide-Width

Bringing even more reasons to choose this stylish collection, the monochromatic boards of the Harvest Collection are now available in wide width. Boasting a painted-wood look, the soft, natural shades of these boards complement most home’s exteriors and offers a traditional cathedral wood grain pattern.

Craft Your Vision With TimberTech Multi-Width Decking

Deck Board Widths - Narrow


3.5″ deck board width, available in square shoulder only.



5.5″ deck board width, available in square shoulder and grooved.

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7.25″ deck board width, width available in square shoulder only.

PVC vs composite decking shows PVC is fully made of engineered decking material

Let the Possibilities Begin

With TimberTech Multi-Width Decking. So many configurations, so much potential. Start with coolly contemporary ideas from the Inspiration Gallery.

TimberTech AZEK Dark Hickory Vintage Collection Multi-width - Innovative tech for a new class of decking

Multi-Width, Your Way

Use our 3D Deck Designer tool to help you envision and build your perfect Multi-Width deck.

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