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ADA Handrail by Railing Accents for Impression Rail Express®

ADA Compliant handrails add safety and comfort with code compliance for easier graspability and load-bearing applications.

TimberTech ADA Handrail - Deck Accessories

ADA Handrail System

Make perimeter railing and stairways safer and more accessible with an Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA)-compliant handrail.

TimberTech-CONCEALoc® Groove Cutting Router Bit

CONCEALoc Groove Cutting Router Bit

Getting the absolute perfect fastener fit takes precision. That’s what the CONCEALoc Router Bit delivers, letting you cut the exact groove dimension on a solid plank — and saving you time on your next TimberTech project.

TimberTech CONCEALoc Replacement Screws Driver Bit Included

CONCEALoc® Replacement Screws

Delivering strength, quality, and peace of mind, you’ll sink these stainless steel replacement screws and never need to think about them again. They’re designed specifically to work with the CONCEALoc clip.

TimberTech Deck Mounting Kit

Deck Mounting Kit

The easy assembly you need and the sturdy quality your deck deserves. This Deck Mounting Kit is designed to deliver both. Use it with the Secure Mount Post on deck applications.

Deck Spacer

The Deck Spacer helps easily create consistent gaps of 1/8″ or 3/16″ while installing TimberTech Decking.

TimberTech Cedar End Coating 8 ounce product

End Coating

Enhance your deck’s end cuts with a rich, gorgeous finish. End Coating delivers superior durability and performance, giving a lasting wood-like look to end cuts of all TimberTech decking products as well as Contemporary and Builder Rails.

PVC Gate

Adding an extra measure of safety PVC gates are designed to work with Pinnacle and Statement Railing. Crafted with PVC and reinforced with aluminum for exceptional strength.

Composite Gate Kit

Adding an extra measure of safety and an exceptional amount of rustic charm, gate kits are designed to work with the Classic Composite Series: Premier Railing®, RadianceRail®, and Trademark Rail™, as well as Impression Rail Express®.

RadianceRail Express® Gasket Kit

Preserve your deck’s clean finish by perfectly concealing the end cuts on Radiance Rail Express. The Gasket Kit achieves it using a pair of color-matched gaskets for both top and bottom rail.

RadianceRail Express® Hardware Kit

From the durable quality to the color-matched look to the easy installation, everything about this Level mounting kit is effortless. It’s designed exclusively for Level applications with RadianceRail Express.

RadianceRail Express® Hardware Kit Stairs

From the durable quality to the color-matched look to the easy installation, everything about this stair mounting kit is elevated. It’s designed exclusively for building stairs with RadianceRail Express.

Secure Mount Post

Secure Mount Post

Install railing directly onto a deck without using wood posts. The versatile Secure-Mount Post deck accessories can be installed onto composite decks or concrete surfaces and adjusted to the exact height you need. Use with the Deck Mounting and Leveling Kit.

TimberTech Deck Cleaner Product - Deck Accessories

TimberTech® DeckCleaner™

While your TimberTech deck is designed to battle the elements, spills still happen—and dust, debris, and pollen can build up on the surface with regular foot (and pet!) traffic. Our effective and product-safe* formula is non-toxic, bleach-free, and makes cleaning a breeze for small spots or entire deck surfaces.

timbertech pro tac 2.5 inch roll with front and back of box - Deck Accessories

TimberTech® PRO-Tac Flashing and Joist Tape

A heavy-duty, flexible, all-weather flashing and joist tape that helps extend the life of decking substructures by preventing water penetration and protecting joist lumber from rot.

pdp carousel accessories universalhardwarekit

Universal Hardware Kit

Give your deck a high-quality finish that keeps fasteners a secret. This hardware kit, designed for Classic Composite Series has everything you’ll need to do it.

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