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Whether you’re a DIYer or an experienced contractor, find everything you need to know about building a deck with guides, how-tos, and tips, all developed by our installation experts with help from expert deck builders. If you run into any questions with planning or building your project, just reach out – we’re here to help.

How to build a deck

Bring your vision to life with a step-by-step overview of how to build a TimberTech deck.
Start reading below, and download the guide to keep handy as you plan and work on your build.


Design & planning

Consider your available space and intended use before deciding on your deck’s size and shape. Use a design tool to visualize your plan and select decking and railing materials. Choose the right fasteners, fascia, and riser materials. For new decks, select footing, framing, and hardware. Check permitting requirements and prepare a detailed material and tool list.


Framing a deck

A well-designed deck frame is crucial for a long-lasting deck. To frame a TimberTech deck, plan your inspections, and dig and pour footers based on your area’s frost line and soil type. Attach the ledger board to the house, ensuring waterproofing (skip for freestanding decks). Set posts and beams with code-compliant hardware, then install rim and field joists for a level surface. Finish by installing blocking for stability and joist tape for water protection.





Installing decking

Review the installation requirements for TimberTech Advanced PVC or Composite Decking. Keep the decking cool before fastening to minimize gapping and start with the first board using appropriate fasteners. Use either top-down or hidden clip fasteners for field boards, ensuring consistent gaps with spacers. Finish by installing picture frames, borders, and fascia boards for a polished look. 




Installing railing

Review the installation requirements for your railing and gather all necessary tools. Attach the posts, ensuring they are aligned and plumb, and follow instructions for elements like rail lighting or gates. Install Post Sleeves and Skirts, then layout and cut the railing and balusters. Finally, assemble the railing panels, attach them to the posts, and add finishing touches like Post Cap Lights and Post Caps. 





Good news – maintaining TimberTech’s good looks requires minimal work. Apart from regular substructure inspections, our decking and railing need just an occasional scrub and rinse. Visit our guide for recommended cleaning products, brushes, and techniques. 

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