New! Now Available in Narrow, Standard, and Wide Widths Explore Multi-Width Decking

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Durable & Strong.
Durable & Strong.

Inspired by nature. Evolved through technology. TimberTech decking is engineered to last longer and deliver limitless design potential, for better life lived outdoors

Unbeatable Moisture Protection.

Protective polymer technology stands up to harsh weather, resisting mold, mildew, and moisture damage.

Unbeatable Moisture Protection.
Limitless Style & Design.
Limitless Style & Design.

Offering a full line of products ranging in style and price, so you can find exactly what you need to bring your outdoor vision to life.

Time-Tested Quality

AZEK Decking Features 


Subtle Intricacy of Wood
Pattern variations mimic the variety of hardwood, recreating variegated hues and textures only found in nature.

Alloy Armour Technology 
High-performance 100% PVC technology (no wood in core or cap) offers the most powerful resistance to moisture damage, mold, rot, and swelling. 

Versatile Design Options
Available in narrow, standard, and wide widths for the most custom designs and intricate inlays.

Superior Surface Protection
Strong, slip resistant, durable surface technology protects your boards from weather, UV damage, and scratches, even repelling stains and dissipating heat.


Naturally Cool
AZEK boards stay 30% cooler to the touch than other competitive composite products. No special coatings needed.

Handcrafted Texture
A wire-brushed, low-gloss finish adds authenticity for an elegantly timeless look.

Reduced Fire Risk
AZEK Vintage decking has achieved a Class “A” Flame Spread rating, reducing the risk of spreading fires in communities susceptible to drought.*

Guaranteed Long-Lasting
Backed by an industry-best Lifetime Product Warranty and our 50-Year Limited Fade & Stain Warranty.

*Rating based on results of testing per ASTM E84, which is recognized by the International Building Code (IBC) as a standard method of testing flame spread. Class A applies only to AZEK Vintage collection.


PRO Decking Features

Complete Cap Coverage
Polymer extends on all four sides and even into the groove. No wood particles in cap, so mold doesn’t stand a chance.

Our Most Dramatic Palette
Show-stopping colors for limitless bold looks. Dramatic variegated streaking means no two boards are alike.

Superior Surface Protection
Robust, durable surface stands up to damage, repelling spills, scratches, and dents better than the competition.

High-End Looks
Authentic grain patterns and hand-scraped texture offers a realistic and refined premium look for a deck reflecting your personal style.


Sturdy Underfoot
Sturdy boards offer a solid feel underfoot so you can walk, play, and live with confidence.

Tried and Tested
Lab testing shows PRO decking withstands bowing and rotting, providing better moisture damage protection than leading competitive products.

Guaranteed Built Strong
Backed by a 30-Year Product Warranty and our 30-Year Fade & Stain Warranty.

Sustainable Living
Made from up to 73% recycled materials, helping you build a better future.

EDGE Decking Features


Tough Composite Cap
3-sided cap extends inside the grooves for enhanced protection against the elements. No wood in the cap for better resistance to moisture damage.

Upgrade to Easy
Save yourself from constant and costly maintenance with no annual sealing and staining.

Beautifully Sustained Colors
Solid colors are designed to resist fading and mimic the look of premium hardwoods. 

Remarkably Strong and Resilient
Tough, technologically-advanced composite material is best in its category, protecting your investment.


Lighter Than the Competition
Lightweight scalloping on the bottom of boards reduces weight while maintaining structural integrity.

Subtle and Refined Patterns
Features a dual-embossed, rough-overlay with grain texture. Patterns are unnoticeably repeated every 3 feet.

Long-Time Value
Won’t need costly repairs or replacement. Backed by a 25-Year Product Warranty.