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Carolina Coastal

Top Sail Beach, North Carolina - Southeast
This coastal retreat in Top Sail Beach, NC, epitomizes classic seaside residential architecture designed to maximize ocean views and outdoor living. The home features a double deck arrangement that provides expansive vantage points for enjoying the scenic surroundings. To enhance the aesthetic appeal while ensuring durability, Timbertech's Coastline from the vintage collection was chosen for its ability to perfectly mimic weathered ipe. This material complements the home's classic design and offers exceptional resistance to the harsh marine weather conditions and salt moisture inherent to coastal environments. Additionally, the use of TimberTech's RadianceRail system enhances the structure's elegance, matching the home’s white trim and providing a visually appealing contrast with minimal maintenance requirements. This combination of thoughtful design and high-performance materials makes the home both a stunning and practical coastal sanctuary.
Product Group
Decking, Railing
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Vintage Collection® - Coastline See Details
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