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Jersey Beachside Modern

Manasquan, New Jersey - Northeast
This contemporary seaside home in New Jersey exemplifies modern design with its seamless integration of advanced materials and spatial design that maximizes beachside access. The exterior features a sophisticated mix of TimberTech cladding in a rainscreen application, which provides warmth and texture, contrasting beautifully with sleek metal tone panels and modern windows that boast minimal, black accented trim. The home's design prioritizes clean sightlines, offering unobstructed ocean views and access from the strategically designed outdoor living spaces. The material choice of Timbertech for cladding and decking is crucial for maintaining the home's aesthetic integrity and providing low-maintenance luxury that withstands tough, upper Mid-Atlantic coastal weather conditions.
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Cladding, Decking
Vintage Collection (Coastline) TimberTech Cladding (Mahogany)
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