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Feel the Difference With Free Samples

The best way to see and feel the quality of TimberTech is to try it yourself. Choose up to 4 free decking samples, on us.

Decking Samples

Choose from 3 different sizes.

TimberTech Decking Free Samples 4 Inch Square ends
TimberTech Decking Free Samples 1 Inch
Free* (*Only available for Vintage Collection® and Legacy Collection)
sampleorder decking sample 2ft2x
$5.00 each
deck sample
Sample of 1-ft. Decking

Railing Samples

Choose up to 4 samples, or mix and match with decking.

TimberTech Decking Free Samples 4 Inch Round ends
railing sample
Sample of 4-in. Railing
samplelanding azek timbertech

Why We Believe in Free Decking Samples

TimberTech boards look like wood, but are more sustainable, longer-lasting, and low maintenance. Your choice of 4 free samples not only lets you feel the quality, but see the difference in rich colors, textures, and natural variegation — taking you one step closer to knowing what your finished deck will be.

Don’t Renovate.

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