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Composite Railing: Your High-Performance Perimeter

December 13, 2021
Composite railing and deck railing parts 101 by TimberTech

The right railing not only gives you a secure perimeter but also completes the look and feel of your outdoor living space. You likely already know you have the option of traditional wood railing — but what about other, even better options? One great place to start your search is with high-style, low-maintenance composite railing.

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What Is Composite Railing & Why Choose It?

In brief, TimberTech® composite railing is enduringly beautiful, in profiles ranging from traditional to contemporary.

Why Choose Composite Railing?

Enduring beauty with fade and stain resistance and low-maintenance needs

✓ Attractive customization options

 ✓ A more sustainable choice than wood

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More specifically, TimberTech composite railing refers to a railing system made from an innovative blend of high-performance polymers and recycled wood fibers.

Deck Railing 101: How Composite Fits In

If you’re new to exploring your deck railing options, it may be helpful to review some of these frequently asked questions.


FAQ 1: “Overall, what are the most common railing material types?”

Common railing system materials include:

  • Wood: Often pressure-treated lumber
  • Metal: Aluminum or wrought iron
  • Composite: A blend of wood fibers and polymers

Metal, cable, and glass will often come up in railing conversations as well, but these will be infill materials as opposed to structural components like bottom rails or posts (more on this below).

FAQ 2: “What is a railing ‘system’?”

When you think of a railing on a deck, you’re actually picturing a railing system — a connected series of components. Different components can be made of different materials, depending on the system chosen.

Typically, when you search “composite railing,” “aluminum railing,” etc., you’ll find railing systems where the majority of the components are made of this material.

What’s It All Mean?

No worries — we’ll break it down.

Deck railing parts make up a railing system

We’ve got customization on deck. Just because you want a composite railing doesn’t mean that every component in the rail system needs to be composite.

FAQ 3: “What is the difference between vinyl and composite railings?”

Vinyl railing is made only of polymers and often has a shiny, slick appearance that gives it a plastic-y look and feel.

Composite railing features a more nature-inspired aesthetic that resembles real wood for a more attractive, character-rich perimeter. 

We offer only attractive, durable railing options, which is why our railing portfolio is defined by two primary material types: Composite railing and aluminum railing. Choosing between the two will depend on factors like the overall look and feel of your space, your budget, and your customization preferences, among others.

Considering Both Composite & Aluminum Railing?

We have you covered. Get the 411 on both types of railings and get guidance on how to choose.

Now that you have a broader understanding of railing systems, you’ll next want to familiarize yourself with deck railing parts. This is important because certain railing components can be customized  within a given TimberTech railing system.

Step 1: Get Familiar With Deck Railing Parts

Before you dive into more details about composite railing, it’s important to first understand what all the deck railing parts are. With this know-how, you won’t skip a beat when it comes time to customize your own railing.

Deck railing components diagram

Your deck railing parts can vary in material and style, with multiple customization options for top rails, infills, and post caps.

Also, keep in mind that a composite railing can consist of different materials, depending on your customization choices. For instance, a composite railing can feature a non-composite infill, such as stainless steel cable, as seen in the image below.  

Step 2: Choose High-Style & Low-Maintenance With TimberTech Railing

Deck railing ideas and deck baluster ideas lakeside composite deck with planter

Pictured: Classic Composite Series Drink Rail in White with a Coastline® top rail, white composite posts, stainless steel cable rail infill, and lighted island caps

Now that you know the benefits of composite railing and are familiar with deck railing parts, you’re ready to learn how our durable composite railing enhances your outdoor living space.  

What makes TimberTech composite railing better than the rest?

✓ High-performance materials

✓ Superior value for the cost

✓ Lifestyle-suited design

Get the High-Performance Perimeter You Deserve

You deserve a railing that looks and stays beautiful — all with little upkeep from you. TimberTech composite railing is designed to be both high-performance and high-style, so you don’t have to compromise looks for quality — or vice versa.

TimberTech composite railing is beautiful, durable, and low maintenance

Pictured: Classic Composite Series Drink Rail in Black with an English Walnut® top rail, black composite posts and balusters

TimberTech Composite Railing 101

✓ Durable: Resists staining, scratching, and moisture damage.

✓ Low-maintenanceNo staining or painting — ever. Just clean periodically with a mild detergent and water.

✓ Long-lasting: Protected by a 25-Year Limited Railing Warranty, so you enjoy a beautiful railing for years to come.

Composite rail, like our aluminum railing, doesn’t have to be stained, so you avoid volatile organic compounds (VOCs) often found in wood stains. LEARN MORE

Claim Greater Long-Term Value

Just like with traditional wood decking, a wood railing accumulates substantial long-term costs over time.

Wood railings will need frequent — and rigorous — maintenance, including:

Put the costly and time-consuming efforts of wood railing maintenance behind you by choosing convenient, value-rich composite railing.

TimberTech composite railing offers better value and convenience

Pictured: Classic Composite Series Premier Rail in White with white composite posts and balusters

TimberTech Railing: Better Value & Convenience

✓ Lower long-term costs: Minimal maintenance means lower costs over time.

✓ Increased resale value: Decks with durable materials like a composite rail can improve your home’s resale value.

✓ More time to relax: Enjoy an enduringly beautiful railing that doesn’t require laborious staining or painting.

Customize Your Railing to Suit Your (Life)Style: Explore the Classic Composite Series

Your railing should suit your low-maintenance lifestyle, your value-focused budget, and your taste.

Our Classic Composite Series does it all, with high-style customizations to give you the look you want and the premium durability to keep your maintenance workload light.

Choose from the Classic Composite Series for:

✓ Versatility: Offers traditional and contemporary styles to suit any home exterior.

✓ Ready-to-customize: Thanks to a universal bottom rail and fastener system. Mix and match deck railing parts like top rails and infills — as well as colors — for a railing that’s uniquely yours.

✓ Enduring beauty: Highly resistant to weathering, so you’ll enjoy an attractive railing for years to come.

Convenient. Customizable. Composite.

Creating the perfect complement to your space is easy with customizable deck railing parts in our Classic Composite Series.

The Classic Composite Series: A Modern Railing Solution

A curated deck railing system doesn’t get easier than with our refined Classic Composite Series. Lock in your ideal railing by choosing from a variety of deck railing parts and colors.

Deck railing ideas and deck baluster ideas on nighttime lakeside furnished deck with post cap lights

Add Lighting for an Illuminated Perimeter

Elevate the look and feel of your space — and increase visibility — with deck rail lighting.

Step 3: Explore Your Composite Railing Options Further

TimberTech offers numerous customizable composite railing options

Pictured: Classic Composite Series Contemporary Top Rail in Classic Black with stainless steel cable rail infill

Now that you know how composite railing benefits you in terms of performance, value, and aesthetics, you’re ready to take a deeper dive with our Railing Guide. Explore all the compatible deck railing parts with each of our railing systems to design your curated deck perimeter. 

Find the Right Railing for You

The beauty of a railing’s many parts? Ample opportunity to customize to your personal style. Browse our Railing Guide for insight and inspiration.

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