Composite Railing: Discover Your High-Performance Perimeter

May 24, 2021
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You know you have more options for your deck railing than just a traditional wood perimeter — but where to start? One great place is with high-style, low-maintenance composite railing.

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What Is Composite Railing?

Composite railing refers to a railing system made from an innovative blend of high-performance polymers and recycled wood fibers.

Why Choose Composite Railing?

Composite railing by TimberTech on pool deck

Durability, Beauty, & Low-Maintenance Living

With composite railing, you lock in enduring beauty and nix the maintenance and upkeep requirements of traditional wood perimeters.

Thanks to its more durable construction, this railing beats wood as the more convenient — and higher-performance — railing option.

You also invest in not only your home, but the planet by choosing this sustainable railing option.

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Learn the Different Components of a Railing System  

Before you dive into more details about composite railing, it’s important to first understand the components that make up a railing system. With this know-how, you won’t skip a beat when it comes time to customize your own railing.

What Makes Up Your Railing

Did you know a railing actually has more than one “rail”? These are the main pieces of a railing system.

Choose Convenience: How TimberTech® Railing Stays High-Style, Low-Maintenance

White composite railing by TimberTech

Now that you know the different pieces of a railing system, you’re ready to learn just how our durable composite railing enhances your outdoor living space in terms of:

✓ Performance
✓ Value for the cost
✓ Lifestyle-suited design

Enjoy Superior Quality With TimberTech Railing

Not all railing is created equal. TimberTech composite railing is designed to be both high-performance and high-style so you don’t have to compromise looks for quality — or vice versa. Our railing delivers:

Detail image of composite railing with island caps by TimberTech

TimberTech Composite Railing 101

Convenience Two Ways

Our composite rail systems don’t only boast convenience in terms of ditching costly and labor-intensive upkeep — our refined Classic Composite Series also makes it easy to customize the right railing for you.

Because your outdoor living space needs a low-maintenance perimeter that’s easy to personalize.

Convenient. Customizable. Composite.

With a universal bottom rail and fastening system, our Classic Composite Series lets you mix and match components for the perfect complement to your space.

Claim Greater Value: How Composite Railing Saves on Cost in the Long Run

Just like with traditional wood decking, the specters of steadily mounting maintenance costscleaning, and paying labor for repairs can make the prospect of adding a deck railing less than exciting…

…That is, unless you level up with a value-rich composite rail system.

Increase Value With TimberTech Composite Rail

Choose the Right Railing for Your Taste: Explore the Classic Composite Series

Your railing should suit your low-maintenance lifestyle, your value-focused budget, and your taste.

Enter the Classic Composite Series, which combines high-style with premium durability to give you the look you want while keeping your maintenance workload light.

Benefits to Choosing From the Classic Composite Series

A curated deck railing system doesn’t get easier than with the Classic Composite Series. Lock in your ideal railing by choosing from a variety of top rail options and infills, plus a universal bottom rail and fastener system.

The Classic Composite Series: A Modern Railing Solution

Drink Rail by TimberTech

Choose Your Top Rail

The top rail cinches the look of your deck railing system.

Color swatch of White for TimberTech railing

Choose Your Color

Choose for balusters, post sleeves, post caps, and more, depending on your railing choice.

Premier Rail with Cable Infill Deck Railing Systems

Choose Your Infill

The infill can be composite, cable, aluminum, or glass panel (not included).

You can even add lighting to further elevate the look and feel of your outdoor living space — plus enhance safety and visibility.

You got it. Take a guided walk through our railing portfolio, with info on how to build your own curated composite railing. READ MORE

Now that you know how composite railing benefits you in terms of performance, value, and aesthetics, you’re ready to take a deeper dive with our Ordering Guide.

Find the Right Railing for You

The beauty of a railing’s many parts? Ample opportunity to customize to your personal style. Browse our Railing Guide for insight and inspiration.

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