HGTV’s “Bryan Inc.” Chooses TimberTech

March 28, 2017
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TimberTech is proud to have had our products showcased in The Highview Home, the most impressive project to date for HGTV Canada’s hit television show “Bryan Inc.”  

The popular series follows hosts Bryan and Sarah Baeumler as they take viewers inside the challenges of Baeumler’s construction company as it tackles building and design projects for various clients while sticking to a tight budget and even tighter timeline.  

From Bungalow to Highview 

The Highview Home is a Burlington, Ontario, property that the couple transformed from a tired, little bungalow into a gorgeous, vast paradise. The completed mansion boasts intricate details, lavish interiors, and—thanks to TimberTech—luxurious outdoor spaces.

Covering All the Angles 

The Baeumlers were first drawn to the property because of its breathtaking views of the Niagara scenery. To take full advantage of them, Sarah wanted to create a seamless transition from the inside of the home to the outside by adding plenty of space for backyard relaxing and entertaining. The couple decided to construct three decks around the property to showcase the scenery from every angle. While drawing up the decking plans was easy, finding a decking material that matched the high-end look of the house was not.  

Steadfast Colors 

Fortunately, OWL Distribution and Lowe’s stepped in and recommended TimberTech, known for its durability and one-of-a-kind style. Since TimberTech comes in a range of colors that can complement any home’s existing exterior, Bryan was able to present Sarah with four color options to choose from.  

“Since it’s engineered decking, the color is going to stay. Whether you pick dark brown or lighter brown, it’s going to look good,” said Bryan.

Pop Goes the Mocha 

After close consideration, Sarah chose TimberTech PRO in Mocha, a rich brown color that perfectly accented the mansion’s grey stone walls. Rather than blending in, the contrasting tone of the deck would add an understated and welcome pop of color.

Make Your Best Plan… 

Bryan enlisted the help of a professional contracting team to get the home’s three decks installed as quickly as possible. Everything went smoothly, and the crew had the deck joists in and ready for boards in just 15 minutes. Since TimberTech composite decks are more durable than wood, contractors never have to deal with cracked or splintered boards, which makes installation easy, and significantly speeds up the construction process.

…But Don’t Fall in Love with It 

One of the great things about TimberTech composite decking is that it can be configured to work well in any space. As Bryan’s team began building the decks, they realized they needed a more natural flow from the driveway to the deck, requiring them to revise their carefully laid plans on the fly. With TimberTech, it was easy to make those adjustments, and the last-minute change ultimately resulted in a better layout. 

Going with the Flow 

“The flow is really nice,” Sarah agreed, “The patio has kept the view open to the backyard, which is important because it doesn’t make everything feel cramped. The deck actually makes the property seem larger.”

When taking their final stroll through the home’s completed exterior, the couple agreed that the only thing more breathtaking than the patio and the decks were the views they could now comfortably enjoy from them.  

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