Deck Designs and Ideas

This is the fun part. Find the deck designs that suit your style – or create your own. Your deck is your oyster.

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Deck Designs to Suit Every (Life)Style

Whether you tend to feel funky or like to keep it classic, finding the right deck designs for your style is simple. TimberTech offers options for those that focus on details (think color, streaking, variegation, wood grain pattern, and finish) or those who love the big picture (think inspiration galleries, real-life deck designs, and project templates). However you decide to approach it, this page will be your guide to going against the grain.

Design Is in the Details

It’s no secret – we love good deck designs. From monochromatic to highly variegated coloring (not to mention several natural wood grain patterns), TimberTech offers any style option you could imagine. Use the slider below to differentiate the details in our decking.

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Find the Railing that Suits Your Style

Mix and match each aspect of your railing to make it your own. Now, you can create one-of-a-kind looks with contrasting top rail colors and infill options – or keep it classic with sleek, matching railings. TimberTech Railing gives deck designs endless options for you to complete your space.

syj design page multi width decking square

A Width for Every Wish List

Deck designs have reached new levels. TimberTech is going against the grain by bringing multi-width boards outdoors.

Channel the trendy, French floors all over Paris apartments and choose narrow width decking in a Herringbone design. Or, take the farmhouse chic wide width floors all over design magazines and create a wonderful, wide escape. With endless deck designs to customize as your own, you can’t go wrong.

Curated Deck Designs


Envision Your Vision

Play with deck shapes and designs to start bringing your dream deck to life.

Now You Know!

You’ve officially educated yourself on the basics of deck designs – both in the details of the board and the bigger design picture – congrats! Make sure you finish laying the groundwork by exploring material options and estimating your budget.

*Deck installation costs are estimates based on feedback from deck contractors. Actual costs for any particular deck installation will vary depending on several factors, especially location. Estimated maintenance costs include an assumed annual cleaning of TimberTech products and an assumed maintenance requirement of annual pressure washing and sanding, staining, and sealing a pressure-treated lumber deck every three years and an Ipe deck every two years to maintain aesthetics.

Start Your Project Right

Explore a curated selection of our most popular decking samples with a straightforward guide to the basics of textures, styles, and colors.

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