Deb & Rob’s DIY backyard retreat

After living for more than 10 years with an unattractive concrete slab out their back door, Deb and Rob took matters into their own hands. For an outdoor look to complement their 1800s farmhouse, they chose Silver Maple from the TimberTech Composite Terrain Collection®.

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Finally, a fun and functional space the family loves

Before their TimberTech deck, Deb and Rob, along with their kids and pups, hardly ever used their backyard. It just wasn’t the inviting, functional space they wanted to spend time in. But after upgrading their space with TimberTech decking, everything changed. Now, they have a beautiful outdoor space to enjoy with the ones they love—and with a couple of energetic dogs, and lots of planned family gatherings, it was essential that their deck be resistant to everyday wear and tear.

From hosting cookouts for friends and family to just lounging around with the dogs, their backyard has become a true haven. And the best part? Deb and Rob installed the deck themselves, making the project that much more fulfilling.

We have a new space and a new place to make memories with our family—plus, the kids and pups love it!

– Deb

Meet Deb & Rob

Deb and Rob are New Englanders living in a Connecticut farmhouse with their two kids and two dogs. While they made do with the first-generation composite deck and slab in their backyard, it was hardly an inviting destination. So they transformed their space themselves with TimberTech Composite Decking.

Shop Deb & Rob’s design picks

Shop Deb & Rob’s design picks

The Decking: Terrain Collection in Silver Maple

Deb and Rob chose Silver Maple for its cool gray tone that blends in so well with the granite stone in their landscaping. The subtle color blending and natural look of the cathedral grain helped them create a seamless transition from their home to the yard.

The Railing: Contemporary Rail

With the varying elevation in their yard, Deb and Rob’s deck needed railing on one side for safety. To complement their look and create interest, they installed the Classic Composite Series Contemporary Rail* with a cable infill—a super-chic, modern railing combination that paired nicely and gave them clear sightlines to their yard.

*Please note: The Contemporary Rail is discontinued, but you can still get a similarly sleek, modern look with the Classic Composite Series Drink Rail.

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Inspiration from every angle

The “floating” deck creates a beautiful contrast with their traditional farmhouse.

Their new deck gave the family a new outdoor room to spending time together in.

The cool gray color of the deck matched perfectly with the New England granite—which they incorporated as steps for the deck.

Deb and Rob paired a sleek deck board top rail with stainless steel cable rail infill for a modern, industrial-chic aesthetic.

Mixing furniture shapes and textures with a neutral color scheme keeps the look modern.

With two beautiful, new TimberTech decks, there’s a place for every member of the family to relax and enjoy the outdoors.

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