Shot of a gorgeous pool with a light gray deck taken from across the pool

Elizabeth & Scott’s Dream Backyard

With a busy family and a booming business, Elizabeth and Scott needed a backyard haven and design showcase. TimberTech helped deliver both.

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The best decking for their clients & the best decking for their home

Elizabeth and Scott aren’t just partners in life. They’re partners in business, too. He is a custom home builder and she heads design for their company, M House Development. Add in a busy family life with five children under 12 and it’s easy to see how their dream backyard—including a pool, deck, and outdoor shower—is a big part of their lives. It’s also a proving ground for their clients, most of whom are like them, working parents with growing families and the desire to spend more time enjoying the life they’re building together.

Angled side view of a light gray deck with multiple lounge and arm chairs chairs next to a pool

Elizabeth and Scott have different viewpoints but agree on the merits of TimberTech. Elizabeth visualizes beautiful spaces that will wow her clients, whether in-person or on Instagram. From her design perspective, she loved the sophisticated, natural color palette, authentic wood look, and elegant design possibilities that TimberTech multi-width boards offered. The practical, dollars-and-cents perspective from Scott appreciated everything from longevity, durability, and ultra-low maintenance all the way down to the unique Cortex® fastening system that hides screws with a perfect match. Together, TimberTech gave them each what they wanted with no compromises.

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Light gray deck with a matching backboard, two potted plants, an armchair, and a side table

The Decking: Vintage Collection, Coastline®

TimberTech Advanced PVC decking was the perfect choice for the pool deck, privacy screen, and shower enclosure. Not only did the color and wood authenticity of the boards appeal to Elizabeth and Scott, but the option of multiple widths expanded design possibilities. Being adjacent to a pool, Advanced PVC is barefoot-friendlier, has improved traction, and has zero issues with the rotting, swelling, or water-caused deterioration that wood experiences.

Aerial view of a light gray deck with shadows cast across it from the railing

The Upper Deck Decking: Landmark Collection, French White Oak®

For the semiprivate deck off the primary suite, Elizabeth and Scott chose French White Oak, one of the year’s newest and most popular colors for its realistic wood look and complex color gradients. Closely matching their indoor flooring, the effect was to bring the indoors outside and unify the spaces. The light tone of the decking and contrasting dark railing complemented the light brick and dark trim of the house for a cohesive, curated look.

Close-up shot of the railing used on Elizabeth and Scott's second story deck

The Railing: Classic Composite Series

For the upper-level deck, opening from the primary suite, Elizabeth and Scott chose the clean, modern lines of black Classic Composite Rail, outfitted with a convenient Drink Rail in French White Oak, matching the decking boards. They loved the sturdy, thick, wide look that complemented the architecture of their home. The durable, perfectly matched Drink Rail makes enjoying a relaxing beverage simple—no coasters or rings to worry about.

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Direct overhead shot of a light gray deck with couch and coffee table

On-trend, lighter deck colors and neutral fabrics help create a tranquil oasis for relaxation.

Elizabeth, Scott, and their four children chat at the edge of their in-ground pool

A busy family with five kids under 12 doesn’t have time for wood maintenance and upkeep. TimberTech performs.

Elizabeth and Scott chat with a friend at their home

The dream backyard is for entertaining, dining, client meetings, Zoom calls—every part of living life today.

Angled aerial shot of Elizabeth and Scott's private, second story deck

Decking and rail complements the brick and trim and the interior flooring as well, creating a unified space.

One of Elizabeth and Scott's sons dives into the pool while the family looks on

Splish, splash, water’s met its match. TimberTech stays looking good because it’s not affected by water the way wood is.

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