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ADA Handrail System

Make perimeter railing and stairways safer and more accessible with an Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA)-compliant handrail.

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A Safer Outdoor Space

Make your outdoor space safer and more accommodating by installing the ADA-compliant handrail system.

Effortless Integration

Designed to seamlessly work together with our other railing components to create a single, unified system.


1.5″ diameter straight rail, 104″ length

System Includes:

Handrail Bracket
Straight Joiner
Adjustable Joiner
Straight Wall Return
Post Return
90° Corner
90° Inside Corner Bracket
Wall Return With Cover Plate
Joint Rings
End Loop
Rail End Caps

Questions About Installation?

We’re here to assist you with videos, guides, and more. View installation help.

Warranty Coverage

TimberTech railing is engineered the right way, to last. Coverage includes 25-Year Limited Warranty. See full warranty details.

What is the benefit of using the rail bracket?

The benefit of using our color-matched, powder-coated rail bracket is the simply ease of installation. Using the bracket provides an alternative to toe-screwing the rail between the posts, eliminating the need to pre-drill. Rail brackets also give increased structural stability.


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